11 Steps to Plan Your Garage Remodeling

A properly utilized garage can be a huge asset to a home. Is your garage lacking function and design? Look no further for our top 11 steps to help plan your garage remodeling. Your dream garage is just a few tips and tricks away!

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1) Ditch the clutter

The garage is a common space that collects clutter and junk. A key to having a remodeled garage is to remove anything you don’t need to make the space feel more cohesive. Execute the task by sorting items into three piles, keep, donate, and toss.

2) Feel inspired

Now that your space is clear of clutter, it’s time to get inspired. Look up inspiration photos online and compile them all in one place so your vision for your new dream garage can easily come to life. Pick and choose your favorite aspects from your inspiration photos to create your custom garage remodel.

3) Small but necessary

Most garage spaces in need of a spruce have some small issues that make the place feel less than remodeled. Examples of small tasks that may need to be completed are replacing the seal around the garage door or replacing the drain cover on the floor.

4) Get it out

Next up is to temporarily get everything out of your garage. Remove all items off your flooring, including shelving, a work bench, or your garage fridge.

5) Let in some light

A huge factor that can take your old drab garage into a newly renovated space is by adding in some light wherever possible. Add a few windows to the walls to allow natural sunlight to flow in. Consider wiring in some additional overhead lighting for a daylight look even at nighttime.

6) Finish the walls

If your garage has exposed framing it will instantly feel like it needs a remodel. An easy fix is to add drywall. Finish the look by taping, mudding, and painted for a fresh look.

7) Floor coating

Adding a floor coating will make your garage feel cleaner and newer. Opt for a do-it-yourself kit or hire a professional to get the job done.

8) Add storage

A garage will quickly become cluttered if you are lacking storage. Add cabinetry and floating shelving for easy spots to store garden equipment, tools, and seasonal items. Install hooks on the walls to easily hang yard tools. The options are endless. More storage is always better than less!

9) Create a loft

Maximizing your storage space is a great way to implement your garage remodel. Creating a floating loft is a great way to make use of your vertical space and an effortless place to store items you don’t reach for every day.

10) Have a spot

Be sure you have a spot for your larger items when planning your remodel. Think about parking a car, housing a lawn mower or snow blower. These larger items will need a home!

11) Seek help

Remodeling your garage space is no easy task. Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand!

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