Best Custom BMW X5 Seat covers by Saddleman

As you cruise on the open roads or the tight-knit urban metropolis on your BMW X5, one great irony seemingly appears. You spare no expense in getting comfortable and yet, your seats bear the grunt of the abuse. The amount of pressure the seats have to ensure as well as accidental spills and not forgetting the harsh natural elements ruins and wear out seats. Moreover, if any permanent damage takes its toll on them, you can be sure of forking out great amounts to reupholster. BMW X5 seat covers serve an integral function in ensuring the safety of the original seats.

Seat covers actively protect your car or truck original seats from a wide array of hazards including UV radiation. Moreover, they improve the visual outlook of your interior, adding a little lifestyle change. Furthermore, seat covers can be used to mask already damaged seats, saving you on the whole reupholstering deal.

The top three seat covers for the BMW X5 series are briefly discussed below, let’s have a gander, shall we?

  • MegaTek Seat Covers

The MegaTek HD3 seat covers are a novel addition to the Saddleman seat covers franchise. MegaTek fabric is state of the art, built with advanced technology and is extremely tough and durable. Perfectly modelled for durability with its anti-tear technology, it is also waterproof and ideal for families and pet owners.

If you are among those who desire style and comfort, then you’d be absurd to pass on these amazing choice seat covers. MegaTek HD3 not only provides ultimate protection but is also very comfortable thanks to its HD3 foam inclusion. The level of comfort provided by these is quite addictive, you’ll never want to leave your car. Installing MegaTek HD3 seat covers will provide long-lasting protection and you won’t need to revamp any time soon.

  • Saddle-Blanket Seat Covers

The Saddle-Blanket is made from polyester and nylon, interwoven into a superior heavyweight fabric that greatly protects your seats. Their strength is unmatched and their seat protection capacity is nonetheless unquestionable. Saddle blanket is a timeless Western classic, often used by the infamous gun-slinging cowboys and decorated Marshalls of the old. These used to be kept on horseback before the saddle was put in place.

Fast forward to the 21st Century, your BMW X5 series could benefit greatly from the attributes these seat covers have to offer. Saddle blanket seat covers keep dust and grime away from your seats and have the capacity to withstand constant abrasion. Moreover, it is breathable making it ideal for hot weather and hand washing is easy as 1 2 3. Furthermore, the level of comfort accorded by these seat covers, second only to the former MegaTek HD3, is suitable for the long daily commutes.

  • Neoprene Car Seat Covers

Saddleman Neoprene Car seat covers are made from CR grade Neoprene. A curious fact about Neoprene is that diving and wetsuits are made out of it. Thus, you can be assured of 100% water-repelling ability. Since it’s synonymous with aquatic adventures, you can conclude that it is suitable for those with an active lifestyle, more so of the aquatic kind like swimming and fishing. Moreover, its waterproof ability comes in handy when cleaning dirt or mud off of them, just wipe with a damp cloth and let it air dry!

Neoprene seat covers are also stylish, being able to be fashioned to fit with your personal preferences. Lastly, these seat covers are durable, able to withstand environmental temperature changes and constant abrasion imparted onto them.

Custom Fit by Saddleman

Similar to that Gucci suit, seat cover customisation takes into account proper measurements. They are cut into seat dimensions to ensure that perfect fit, like a hand to glove. The BMW X5 is a stable, energy-efficient car and thus, it is only practical, stylish and sensible to select the most suitable seat covers. Why don’t you immortalize your interior upholstery with the aforementioned seat covers?

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