Big tech trends you should look after in 2022

In the search for the “next big thing”, i.e. the next groundbreaking technology application, think tanks, research institutes, companies and the media regularly and proactively present their assessment of “top technology topics”. The focus is on developments that are expected to have far-reaching effects on our society or certain sectors in the coming years and those that will contribute to the creation of new markets and industries in the future.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There is consensus in the studies that AI is becoming a key technology in very different areas: starting with synthetic biology, genetics, medical imaging, medical diagnostics and drug research. Neural systems entangled with AI are conceivable. However, AI systems could also help to reduce the carbon footprint of smart homes. Low-code and no-code platforms offer anyone interested the opportunity to develop and use AI applications themselves. The security and regulation of AI-supported systems is seen as a central challenge, especially against the background of the potential for abuse, for example of AI deep fakes. More and more countries will set up and pursue national AI strategies. 

Blockchain & Fintech

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology platforms will fundamentally change how assets are produced and managed, expanding access to financial services and non-fungible tokens and enabling digital national currencies. Classic banks are increasingly being squeezed out and crypto money is being generated more and more sustainably (Ethereum). New platforms will monetize idle computing resources by allowing consumers to access them masstamilan. New constellations for minimizing costs and risks are also gaining in importance (fractional ownership).


Areas of application for robots are becoming more and more diverse: from industry to the service sector, the “robot-as-a-service” business model could establish itself. Robots with human features, e.g. B. “sweating” robots are conceivable, as well as autonomous, programmable robot swarms or even self-organizing robots. As robots evolve, ethical issues arise, sophisticated robots could be given the legal status of “electronic person”.

Video Platforms

Video platforms are definitely one of the most trendy and profitable in 2022. Nowadays, tons of people use short videos and reels, since they draw attention and don’t take a lot of time. Therefore, video marketing is becoming the most popular job in today’s world. YouTube is still one of the biggest platforms, where popular content ultimately earns a big profit, so buy instant youtube views and start your journey right now! 

Internet & Communication

The Internet of Things is being implemented and the use of modern communication technologies, cloud services and AI as well as the pervasive digitization of the entire value chain will be a central element of strategic corporate development. Hyper Automation is highlighted as an important trend in the near future. Data is increasingly being flexibly integrated via platforms, making it available everywhere and in a decentralized manner. The enablers and drivers of this development are the 5G and – in perspective – the 6G mobile communications standard. The reliability and availability of such integrated data and communication systems is of great strategic importance for companies. The interoperability of different systems poses a challenge. To what extent factors such as protectionism, nationalism, 

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