Brain Tumor And Its Types

What Is Brain Tumor?

The skull which surrounds the brain is very stiff. A brain tumor is caused by the growth of abnormal cells in our brain. More than one type of brain tumor exists, some of them are noncancerous and some of them are cancerous.

Brain tumors can begin directly in your brain, this is called primary brain tumor, or in some cases, cancer from any other part of your body can spread to your brain which is known as secondary brain tumors.

The growth of a brain tumor can vary greatly. Moreover, the location of the tumor in your brain will determine how it will affect your nervous system.

A brain tumor is treated depending on its type, location and size.

Brain Metastases.

Brain metastases are a result of cancer cells spreading from any other part of your body to your brain. Any type of cancer can spread to the brain but brain metastases mostly occur through the lungs, kidneys, etc.

If a brain metastases occurs it may form one or more tumors in the brain and once they start growing they create pressure on the surrounding brain tissues and might change their function. This then causes symptoms such as headache, memory loss and seizures, etc.

Brain metastases can be treated through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or sometimes a combination of all treatments. Most of the time the treatment is performed to reduce the pain resulting from the tumor.

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Glioma is also a type of brain tumor, it occurs in the glial cells which surround our nerve cells and helps them to function. There are three types of glial cells that produce tumors that are Astrocytomas, Ependymomas, and Oligodendroglioma.

A glioma tumor can severely affect your brain function and may risk the person’s life depending on its location and how fast it is growing . Glioma is also one of the most common types of primary brain tumor.

The treatment of glioma depends on the type of glioma a person has, but generally, treatment options for glioma are surgery, chemotherapy, etc.


Medulloblastoma is a type of cancerous brain tumor, it starts in the cerebellum that is the lower back part of our brain. The cerebellum plays a role in balance, movement, and muscle coordination.

Medulloblastoma spreads through a fluid that surrounds our spinal cord and brain, that fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid. It is hard for this tumor to spread through other parts of our body.

If a person has this tumor they may show signs and symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, headaches, dizziness, poor coordination, and double visions. These symptoms may show up due to the tumor itself or the pressure that is being built within the brain.

Medulloblastoma can strike a person at any age but it is more common amongst young children.


Meningioma is a tumor that forms through a membrane that surrounds our brain and spinal cord, the membrane is called meninges. Meningioma is not exactly a brain tumor but it is included in the category of brain tumors because it squeezes the nerves and vessels present in our brain.

This tumor grows very slowly over a span of many years with no signs of symptoms but it can cause serious disabilities if a nearby brain tissue or nerves are damaged. Meningioma is common amongst women and is usually discovered at an older age though it can occur at any age.

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