Exploring the Different Bong Shapes

One method that has been popular for thousands of years to enjoy cannabis is to use a bong. You can get a bong from the bong shop but you need to think about what type of bong you want. There are different styles, sizes, shapes and so on. Whether you are a regular smoker or something more casual to get the best experience you should choose a bong that meets your lifestyle and needs. Here is a look at some of the popular shapes are and their advantages.

A tube-shaped bong

If you look for bongs online one of the most basic or classic types you will see is the straight tube-shaped bong. It is easy to use, so is great as your first bong. The classic look will never go out of style. There is a downstem that has to stay under the water so that it filters the smoke. Its shape makes it easy to clean and quick to clean too, especially compared to much fancier styles. A cleaner bong gives you a better hit. It is a good shape to learn how to use a bong.

Beaker shaped bongs

Beaker bongs are another common shape seen and it literally looks like a large science beaker, conical in shape. There are a few benefits to this shape, the bottom is heavier so it has more stability and is good for everyday use. That wider base also means lots of smoke happens and you can get them in different sizes.

Zongs or zig zag bongs

The zig zag-shaped bong that you might see at the bong shop has one or more curves in it.  They are very attractive to look at but the shape has practical benefits too including stopping the water from rising and coming into the mouth.

Egg shaped bongs

Called Faberge egg bongs after the Russian jewelled eggs, the shape means the bubbles spread out more and so users say you get a really smooth hit.

Beaker bongs with a round base

As the description says it looks like a beaker bong but it has a ball-shaped base. They are then less stable and harder to handle, but they have otherwise the benefits you find a beaker bong.

Percolator or bubbler bongs

Bubbler or percolator bongs online come in various sizes and shapes but are so-called because they have at least two percolators sometimes more. This means the smoke is well diffused and is cooled faster.

Multi-chamber or recycler bongs

Recycler bongs are certainly more technical types out of all the types and while they get a lot of people talking about them, they are good too for delivering a very smooth hit. They offer outstanding filtration because the smoke filters several times.


When you are looking for a bong whether this is your first or not, there are different experiences you can achieve with the different shapes. Consider your experience, how practical you want to be, the smoothness of the hit and also some practical concerns like cleaning issues and where it will sit when not in use.

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