Features And Benefits Of Decra Roofing Sheets

Decra roofing sheets are the products that they trusted by a good number of people. They are said to be having a good life span. This article will look at the features and benefits one gets when one uses decra roofing sheets.


In the 21st century, buildings have engaged themselves in building houses, apartments and even stadiums. And one of the main elements or requirements that must be there in any building is an iron sheet. When choosing the type of iron sheet, one should consider the quality, maintenance cost, and durability of the selected iron sheets. In Kenya, there are several rolling mills producing iron sheets, one of them being Decra Company.

Nearly all the companies advertise their products purposely to reach maximum consumers or their destined consumers. In this case, customers need to be vigilant in choosing the kind of iron sheets. Nearly all the companies expose the better part of their products and not giving out their weakness, and the consumers now have to consider the liability and judge them accordingly.

1. Their Coating Technology.

Unlike the galvanized iron sheets, decra roofing sheets have a quality coating that prevents it from fading off their colour, preventing rust, and ensuring it lasts for long. Unlike any other iron sheets, decra iron sheets are not prone to fading even when exposed to direct sunlight. These iron sheets can last 6 to 9 times longer than the regular iron sheets without losing their initial colour. The only thing that differentiates regular iron sheets from decra iron sheets is the decra roofing sheets prices Kenya which are a bit expensive compared to the regular iron sheet prices.

2. It Has 50 Years Warranty.

This warranty seal assures the consumer that buying the product is incurring less risk than other rolling mills companies; if any risk occurred and the warranty seals cover the risk, a consumer will be equipped with different new sets of decra iron sheets. 50-year warranty seals is something not offered by most of the companies, and it is considered unique.

3. Decra Iron Sheets Life Span.

This type of iron sheet is said to be having a 6 to 9 times lifespan longer than the normal iron sheets or any galvanized iron sheets. Even in areas with salty water or high temperatures, especially coastal areas, this iron sheet is not easily damaged since it has advanced coating technology. This iron sheets are also no quickly heated up since it has been tested, this iron sheets can sustain up to 7500 c, and it caught no flames.

Decra roofing Sheets Company is a trusted company since it has been in existence since 1957, and consumers have ever reported no negative feedback. Whenever one wants a lasting iron sheet, he should consider choosing a quality iron sheet company. Also, these roofing sheets have the added advantage of quick installation, saving on the cost.


All the above information are the features and benefits of the decra roofing company. The provision of a 50-year warranty is an added advantage and assures customers by giving out this warranty seals. All the above information are to be considered by anyone who wants to buy any iron sheets.

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