Genetic Hair Loss: The Truth Explained

Genetic hair loss is far from straightforward. One of the most commonly proposed theories is that you take after the grandfather on your mother’s side when it comes to the genetic make-up of your hair. But with approximately 6.5 million UK males affected by hair loss of some kind, it’s important to fully understand the truth behind genetic hair loss.

If you look in the mirror one morning and notice that your hairline is thinning, you might be suffering from the early signs of male pattern hair loss. But don’t panic; you’re certainly not the only one. In excess of 50% of all men will be affected by this form of hair loss in their lives, and genetics often plays a central role in its progression.

Fundamentally, your genes influence how sensitive your hair follicles are to a growth hormone called DHT. This hormone is the primary cause of hair loss in men, as it shrinks the hair follicles on your head and eventually causes them to die. Thankfully, you can use DHT blockers to limit this genetic factor, which slows down the onset of genetic male pattern hair loss.

Although the scientific research surrounding genetic hair loss isn’t unanimous, the likelihood is that you take after both of your parents. A study conducted in Germany in 2008 found that chromosome 20 was a key factor in the premature balding of 600 men. What’s more, a study from Harvard University discovered that genes from both sides of your family are likely to play a role in male pattern hair loss. Ultimately, DNA from both of your parents is likely to contribute to your hair loss, so it’s not just your mum’s side that you have to think about.

Another thing you need to acknowledge is that genetics are not the sole cause of balding in men. Various medical conditions and certain hormonal changes can influence the hair follicles on your head, and traumatic or stressful events can also contribute to hair loss.

The bottom line is that it’s difficult to pin hair loss on one factor alone. But regardless, taking effective hair loss treatment is a crucial first step toward preventing your hair loss from getting worse. Sons’ treatment plans combine the likes of Finasteride, Minoxidil, and DHT blocking shampoo to give you the best chance of treating male pattern hair loss and achieving a full head of hair that you can once again be proud of.

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