Internet Communications Enabled by SIP

This chapter provides a short overview of the topics that are discussed in more detail in Chapters 4–20. The Internet challenges and transforms the more than one-trillion-dollarper-year business of telecommunications. A renaissance in communications is taking place on the Internet.

At its source are new communication protocols that would be impractical on the centralized control systems of ITU-T type networks used in telecommunications. Internet communications can benefit from the IP soft state and connectionless nature of the Net, and at the application layer of the IP protocol stack from its associated addressing and data representations.

Users and Internet service providers (ISPs) are reaping the benefit from standards that allow interoperability with all connected parties on a global scale. The end-to-end (e2e) nature of the Internet avoids the friction of having intermediaries between the communicating parties, and also avoids the breaking of applications and security by intermediaries in the network. While it is not possible to forecast technology and services, it is already apparent that the Internet and web technology have created an unprecedented toolkit for new applications.

However, these new applications are hard to predict, just as presence and instant messaging were not predicted in the telecom world. What can be shown, however, are some of the capabilities of the technology that are presently well understood in already established services. New Internet communication services may create new revenue opportunities for Internet service providers and their suppliers of applications.

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