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Maintaining Your Marble Benchtops: 5 Helpful Tips

Want to maintain the taste and class that marble benchtops bring to your home? Perhaps you are building your new home and want to select the best finish for your countertops? A finish that will last better for longer? You’ve come to the right place.

Marble benchtops are top of the line, but keeping them polished and spotless calls for maintenance. What most people don’t know, however, is that maintaining the sleek look of marble benchtops starts way before installation. It starts with picking the best fit.

That’s why we’ve devised this guide to help you choose right and maintain your marble benchtops right from the word go:

1. Determine What You Want

When you walk into a marble supplier store or facility, you will be awed by the countless options and designs available. Marble is a naturally occurring material that is available in many parts of the world. Thus, there are hundreds of options to choose from.

When shopping, it is important to go with an open mind but stick to the design, color, and patterns that would work well within your home. By maintaining such discipline, you will be able to narrow down on a few slabs that you can select.

2. Ask About the Origin

As a material, marble is found in different parts of the world. When selecting the marble that will be used in your home, find out about its origins from the supplier.

Primarily, the origin determines the quality of the stone as well as its durability and price. In addition, you may find it interesting to learn about the history and process of extracting the very piece of marble you are considering.

3. Call in Advance

So you have gone through Pinterest, pinned all your inspirational posts, and narrowed down the suppliers who have the marble you are interested in. Before you walk in and become overwhelmed by the sea of marble, it is imperative to call ahead and arrange a guided tour with the supplier.

In your conversation, notify the supplier of your tastes, and availability of certain designs, dimensions, colors, and types of marble. This will ensure that you get the best at the best rate.

4. Watch Out for Cracks

Given the nature and design of marble, it may be hard to spot imperfections in the material. Depending on the kind of marble you select, you should know the difference between cracks and fissures. Cracks within the marble are obvious signs of mishandling or dropping of the slab.

A good way to spot cracks on the slab is by sliding your nail across the surface. If your nail catches, that is a crack. However, fissures are naturally occurring, do not alter the integrity of the material, and add to the character of the stone.

5. Care and Maintenance

It is important to be familiar with how you will take care of the marble slab that you have selected and cut to size. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to guide you on how to properly maintain the slab.

As a precaution, avoid using products with strong acidic or basic compounds such as citrus or vinegar as these etch and dull the surface of your marble. To avoid this, applying a sealant to your slab will maintain the shine and beauty of your marble countertop.

Contact Slique for Marble Benchtop Restoration Services

Using marble in your home increases the appeal of any room and is a representation of your unique tastes and style. However, to maintain such prestige, it is important to take care of the marble.

Fortunately, even when all these tips seem to fail, Slique offers the best marble benchtop restoration services in Sydney. Contact us today for professional and quality restoration services without breaking the bank!

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