Technology and education sector:

Technology has brought new great opportunities in the Mathematics Past Papers and Answers. Technology is being used in classrooms to deliver information, engage students in different activities and much more. It has opened up access to numerous resources. However, technology and education still face one of the biggest challenges and that is the lack of technology in some countries. Internet access is still limited in some areas of the world. It has been seen that more or less maximum 10 people are able to get online in poor countries.  Dividing the world digitally.

Use of technology in crisis:

One of the biggest advantages of having technology in education is that information can be delivered from anywhere to anywhere. For example, in this COVID crisis technology has played an important part to continue education with the safety measures; English online classes. It has also proven to be a great help to students with disabilities as it gives them more chances of learning. For example, students who suffer from any kind of communication disability can use sign symbols or pictures to communicate.

Electronic Books:

One of the latest interventions that has arrived are electronic textbooks.  Technology has made students independent as they are able to find and research with the help of technology. It has also made learning easy and information is easy to understand with the help of instructional videos. Interactivity in technology allows for learning through hands-on experience as well as through research and receiving feedback. This develops the interest of students in what they are learning and become more attentive to it. An interactive programme such as Google Maps or Google Earth can be used instead of a picture to study geography.


Real-world problems in the classroom are encouraged in this model. Students can use the Internet to research current events that relate to the classroom curriculum. In this way, students learn that the lesson they are learning is based on actual issues and real people. Simulation software helps students see real life activities within the classroom. Students can see how planets move, how a tornado develops, or how dinosaurs lived by using specific simulation tools. Similar features are available in modelling software as well.

Internet or software tools allow students to create online groups and virtual communities that allow them to communicate in real time with other students and teachers from around the world through the Internet. They can get feedback from their teachers and ask questions or voice concerns about their lessons with their peers and instructors. Students refine their thinking by listening to and reading about other people’s opinions and feedback, resulting in higher comprehension and deeper understanding. Online communities allow students to interact with others from all around the world.

In a technology-focused classroom, the students aren’t learning by themselves while staring at a book. In addition to fostering group activities such as discussions and debates, working groups also encourage the development of democratic group dynamics within the organisation. If you loved this article you can also see our fake state id maker website, you will love it for sure!

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