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Use a VPN for online safety

Safe internet. It sounds obvious, but still, few people protect their online privacy through a VPN service. In this article you will learn more about VPN and why is it useful to have one.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection aims to improve your online security and privacy. In addition, a VPN service allows you to enjoy more freedom while surfing the internet. A VPN service connection is an encrypted connection between the device you are using and the internet. The internet traffic is, as it were, redirected via the VPN server. So, now that you know what VPNs are, we will explain how a VPN connection actually works. A VPN connection causes your network to be routed through a VPN server. The VPN server thus becomes the source of your data. Your data can then no longer be traced back to you.

The benefits of a VPN

Using a VPN connection brings many advantages. This way you are protected while surfing the internet by the encrypted connection of VPN. Therefore, all your data remains safe and resistant to hackers. Your data is also protected against authorities. Think, for example, of network administrators and other companies. With a VPN service you can surf the internet anonymously. Your IP address remains hidden. Instead of your own IP address, you surf via the IP address of the VPN server. VPNs allow you to download files securely and anonymously too. This means that hackers who are after your data cannot obtain it via downloads. Downloading anonymously means that you are resistant to download fines. With a VPN service you can connect to servers from other countries. This allows you to bypass censorship of certain countries. In addition, you can access websites and services that are only available in certain countries. Think of the American version of Netflix.

Different types of VPNs

There are a number of different types of VPNs. First of all, you have paid VPNs and free VPNs. It is not always true that a free VPN is inferior to a paid VPN. A free VPN can be very good. However, there are often a number of limitations associated with free VPN. Still, free VPN is very suitable for most people. Outside of the difference between paid and free VPNs, there are different types of VPNs that have differences between them. For example, you have a mobile VPN, which is ideal for traveling. You also have remote VPN, which is often used by companies to give employees access to the company’s network (for example, if they work from home). Furthermore, there is site-to-site VPN which is similar to remote VPN. However, this type is mainly used in communication between companies. Finally, there is the hardware VPN connection. This is a very powerful VPN connection.

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