What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury?

You will have likely heard of a number of people with a personal injury at some point in their lives, but what the term ‘personal injury’ means is actually extremely broad. The scope that encompasses personal injury is wide and a number of different causes are held within it. As such, it is well worth improving your knowledge on what some of the most common types of personal injury are. These are all discussed in a bit more detail below.

Do You Need Assistance with a Personal Injury?

If you are looking into the different types of personal injury because you feel as though you may have been involved in one yourself, the best place to go for advice will be a law firm. Here, you’re going to be able to explain what has happened to you and the team of experts they have on board are going to be able to say whether you have any kind of claim. There are a lot of different law firms out there to choose from but you are going to want to talk to the likes of the Rawlins firm who have a department wholly dedicated to cases surrounding personal injury.

Different Types of Personal Injury

So, what are some of the different and most common types of personal injury? They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Medical Malpractice

These are cases which deal with the injuries that have been sustained as a result of negligence or inappropriate treatment given by a doctor. Essentially, if you have gone in for some medical treatment and the doctor has done something wrong that has caused your injuries to get worse or you to develop another kind of injury, then you might have grounds to sue. In order to have sufficient grounds to pursue this claim, the doctor can’t have just made an honest mistake but instead they will need to have broken a rule or done something largely negligent to result in your injuries.

  • Product Liability

A lot of the time, it may well be the case that someone has managed to get injured because of a product they have previously purchased from a company malfunctioning or becoming defective. If this happens, then that individual may well be in a position to seek some kind of compensation for their injuries. There are some kinds of injury that won’t be included in this type of injury, for example, injuries caused by products that are ‘avoidably dangerous’.

  • Slip and Falls

When you have been injured because you slipped and fell on public or private property, you may well be in a position to claim for compensation as a result. A slip and fall personal injury case and its success tends to come down to what the safety of the environment where you fell is like. If the area is unnecessarily dangerous to others, then your claim is going to be strengthened. It will be up to you and your legal representatives to prove that the area in question was dangerous.

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