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What to do if Your Friend is Getting Bullied Online

Friends are the people whom we trust. The ones we choose to give our time to. One could say that our friends are the family that we choose to keep. And that’s what makes friendship special. Like with all our loved ones, we tend to care deeply about our friends and their well-being. Whether it be physical or mental, their well-being is a priority for us. When someone bullies or tries to intimidate our friends, we want to defend them and prevent them from getting hurt. A lot of us have experienced bullying by a classmate or a co-worker. However, people overlook another type of bullying. In essence, cyberbullying. Cyberbullying refers to the bullying or intimidation of others in public cyberspace through digital electronics connected to the Internet.

This may include online ابتزاز, identity theft or even personal attacks. Bullying can force our friends a lot of anxiety. It can damage their mental health and your friendship with them. If we truly care about them, we would do our best to help them and ease their mental burdens. Here are some ways to help your friend:

Tell Them They Are Not Alone

People who are bullied, both online or physical, often feel like they’re alone. They think that no one understands how they’re feeling or be empathetic towards them. Make them lose that fear by showing empathy and making them feel comfortable enough to share what they feel. This can go a long way in helping them.

Convince them to get help

It would be best if you helped them realise that they need to get help. Keeping things to themselves won’t help their case. They need to open up about their problems and report them to the relevant authorities. You need to tell them that the way to stop being bullied is to do something about it. Cyberbullying is a crime. If it is reported to the authorities, steps can be taken to find and punish the perpetrators.


Our friends are the ones we hold dear. We care about them and vice versa. Cyberbullying is something that people often try to keep to themselves. This causes adverse effects on the victims and makes their mental health decline rapidly. Obviously, this is something we do not want our friends to experience. Whether it’s ابتزاز, whether it’s impersonation or if it’s online fraud, all of these acts done on the Internet are forms of cyberbullying and are a crime. We should convince the victim to come out of their shell, so they don’t feel alone. This way, they feel protected and safe.

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