When To Use The Swimming Goggles?

The water treatment of many swimming pools is done using chlorine and chemicals. However, these products can cause irritation (itching or pain) to your eyes during training, and you will probably not be able to see properly underwater. This can get in the way a lot when performing the exercises, and if your goal is to have a smooth workout, this is one of the main reasons you don’t forget to put your goggles on your swim kit. This goes for all training levels.

What Is The Correct Way To Use The Swimming Goggles?

Don’t think that wearing the goggles correctly is just putting them on your head. When using it, you need to check which is the correct position to stay well fixed on your head. First, it is necessary to adjust it in the eyes until it gives a little suction. Next, you need to pull the simple strap back to fit with the bone at the back of your head.

In the case of glasses with double straps, you should put the lower strap under the bone at the back of the head and then the upper strap. People with long hair should leave the bun between the two strips for better fixation.

The Right Way To Put On Swimming Goggles

Even so, when using swimming goggles, some doubts may arise. Here we have some tips to make it easier:

  • Do not place the straps over the ears: this can interfere with the sealing and fixation;
  • There is no rule about putting your goggles under or over your swim cap during practice;
  • For competitors, the goggles under the swimming cap can be more fixed during the race, in addition to helping to reduce the “drag” with the water.

What Does The Size Of The Suction Cups On The Swim Goggles Interfere With?

There are three important features you need to know about the shape of suction cups on swim goggles, as they can have a full influence on the use of your equipment: comfort, which is essential for any swimmer; seal; and the “drag,” which is the opposite friction (or force) of the glasses with the water. When there are high speeds, the counterforce of the water can pull the goggles out of their socket. Pay close attention:

Types Of Suction Cups For Swimming Goggles


Suction cups with a small size offer inferior comfort and can cause marks around the eyes and even some pain, which may disappear according to the habit of using. As a positive point, it is worth mentioning that the seal is perfect, and there is also less “drag” possible. Great for professionals.


The medium-sized suction cup offers comfort, sealing, and a medium “drag.”


The full-size suction cup provides excellent comfort, sealing, and great “drag.”


a swimming mask

This size of the suction cup is common in recreational activities or water aerobics, as the large “drag” that the swimming goggles will cause during swimming can make it difficult to fix it on the head. The comfort and sealing of this model are incredible, but this type can interfere with swimming practices.

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