5 Awesome Reasons To Go For A Sofa Cum Bed

The sofa is one of the centerpieces of the living room and is an important piece of furniture. It is a place where you sit and relax with your friends and family to unwind in the evening or lounge. Since it is bound to get a lot of traffic, it has to be comfortable and provides value for money. The sofas are not only comfortable but also functional. One such type of sofa is the sofa cum bed. These are best when you entertain guests frequently but do not have a guest room.

What is a Sofa cum Bed?

Wakefit, the leading home furnishings retailer, explains sofa cum bed as a ‘Sofa by day and bed by night. A sofa cum bed is called a bed couch, pullout sofa, and hide a bed. In this type of couch, a metal frame and a thin mattress are hidden under the seating cushions. The couch when pulled out can be transformed into a bed. When pulled out, the metal frame resembles a full-fledged bed. When it is pushed in, it makes for comfortable seating. This serves the dual purpose of a bed and seating which is a space-saving option for urban apartments where there is no guest room.

Top 5 Reasons for Purchasing a Sofa cum Bed

  • Space-saving

Modern urban apartments are built in such a way that there is minimal space. So it is important to have furniture that takes up as little space as possible while style serving the purpose. Additionally, a sofa cum bed provides additional space in your home. Unlike the traditional sofa, it comes with drawers to store everyday items like newspapers and magazines. It can also be used to store things that you do not need on a daily basis. So a sofa cum bed gives additional storage, acts as a bed as well as a couch making it the best sofa design for multi-functionality.

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  • Can Accommodate Guests

Most urban apartments are just about enough for a family with no space to accommodate guests due to the limited availability of space. A sofa cum bed is ideal for such homes as it becomes a single solution for two things. It acts as a comfortable seating couch during the daytime and when there are no guests. When the guests come, the couch can be pulled out and becomes a bed. It helps in accommodating more people when it is paired along with your regular sofa.

  • A Trendy Furniture

If you are looking for the latest trends in the living room, then go no further as the sofa cum bed is a trendy piece of furniture due to its multi-utility. Modern living room designs opt for a style with benefits rather than the only style that is seen in traditional sofas. Additionally, these couches come in many different types, which gels with the modern architecture of your home. So there is no compromise on style, functionality, or form. Whatsmore it can be the style icon of your living room if you choose the right option.

  • Is a Comfortable Place to Nap

Apart from all the other benefits, which include adding to the aesthetics, space-saving, accommodating guests, etc., it is also a great place to nap. More often than not, people take a power nap or a short nap on the sofa while watching a movie or a TV show. A sofa cum bed helps you do that in great comfort and style. In traditional sofas, you will have to curl your knees which leaves you with stiff muscles. But in a sofa cum bed, a small nap leaves you refreshed as it can be converted to a bed and allows you to sleep in comfort.

  • Saves Money

When you upgrade furniture or buy it for your new home, a multi-functional item saves a lot of money. Buying a bed and a sofa means huge investments as both bed and sofa price is not cheap. However, when you buy a sofa cum bed online , you pay for one and get the benefits of both. So if you are looking to save money, there is no better option than this piece of furniture.

Popular Types of Sofa cum Beds

There are many types of sofa online, and the same applies to sofa cum bed too. Here are a few popular designs found in India:

  • Futon

It is one of the common and most basic types of sofa cum beds available in India. It can be made either with a metal or wooden frame and a mattress on top of it. The mattress, when folded, makes for a cushion at the seat and the back of the sofa. The major disadvantage of this type is that it does not make for a good sofa as the seating is firm. However, the bed is quite comfortable.

  • Day bed

This is the most popular sofa cum bed and typically comes with a 3-seater couch. Apart from a comfortable mattress, it also comes with a storage compartment which makes for additional storage. It is often made of a wooden framework and comes in many cushion materials. Its multi-functionality makes it highly popular.

  • L-shaped sofa cum bed

These come in a configuration of 3 or more seats. These loungers have the option of changing sleeping positions. Like the day beds, these too come with a storage option under the mattress. This is also a popular option, provided the living room has enough space to accommodate this type of seating.

Things to Remember while picking a Sofa cum Bed

  • Look for an option where it is easy to transform into a bed and back.
  • Check the type of configuration that you want for your back and the seat.
  • Wooden frames are more durable than metal frames.
  • It should be easy to maintain and clean. The cushions should be waterproof so that spillage does not cause stains.
  • Check for comfort while seating as well as sleeping.

A sofa cum bed with its multi-utility features is more beneficial than the sofa. Moreover, apart from the functionality, there is no compromise on the aesthetics, too, as it is trendy and gives a glamorous look to the space. Additionally, these come at an affordable price, so there is more value for money.

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