Can Summer Dresses be Warm to Wear for Women in the Winter?

When you browse through winter dresses for women, a summer dress will rarely pop to your mind. However, with the right layering, you can wear that beautiful summer dress even in the winter. The trick is to invest in warm inner clothes such as thermal tights or underwear so that you don’t get too cold in that summer dress.

Tips to turn that gorgeous summer dress into a winter-ready outfit:

The inner layer is important

As mentioned before, the inner layer is the most important part. Invest in good-quality thermal tights to remain warm and cozy as you go about your day. You can also go for fleece-lined tights for added warmth.

Still on inner layering

Depending on the summer dress design, you can add extra layers of clothes underneath for added warmth. You can go for a warm t-shirt, a beautiful turtleneck, or even a thermal camisole.

Let’s talk top layering

What you choose to wear over the dress will depend on how cold it is, where you are going, and your fashion sense. You can go for a jumper over your dress, for example, to keep yourself warm. If jumpers are not your cup of tea, you can opt for a leather jacket, a beautiful blazer, wool cardigan, fur coat, or even a trench coat, depending on the length of the dress. And, if it is not too cold, you can throw on a denim jacket to compliment your summer dress.

With all the layering, you may be worried about losing your shape. A beautiful belt can solve this as it helps cinch in your waist.

Accessories to consider

To complete your look and further keep you warm, you can add a scarf to your outfit.

And the footwear?

Ankle boots are great if you have thermal tights on. Otherwise, a comfy pair of tall boots will work wonders at keeping your calves warm if you decide to wear a short dress. Don’t forget thick socks or even thermal socks while you are at it.

Don’t shy away from colors and patterns

Now that you have decided to wear that cute summer dress, don’t be limited in your options. You can go for vibrant patterns or colors to add extra warmth to your day. Whether you choose a floral, checkered, striped, or dotted pattern, as long as you wear a gorgeous outer layer, you will turn that summer dress into a cool winter outfit. For example, you can throw on a simple black wool cardigan if you will be running errands. Or you can opt for a cool black long coat and a pair of beautiful ankle boots to complete your look.

As long as they are not clashing horribly, don’t shy away from mixing and matching colors for that vibrant winter look.


Depending on temperatures, there are different ways to wear your summer dresses in the winter. The trick is in layering to keep warm throughout the day.

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