Common Types Of Truck Accident Injuries

Thousands of people lose their lives every year in truck accidents, and hundreds are injured. Accidents involving more than one truck are often more severe than regular passenger vehicles because of how large trucks are. Contact a Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney and discuss your legal options. Mentioned below is the list of common injuries that results from truck accidents. If you are injured in an accident involving a truck, you are entitled to compensation.

Common types of truck accident injuries

  • Neck Injuries

The neck is the vital part of the body, which comprises complex bone, ligament, and muscle combinations. Due to this, any neck injury can result in a devastating wound. The most common type of neck injury that accident victims regularly experience is whiplash. This type of injury can lead to:

  • Upper back, shoulders, and arms pain.
  • Limiting the range of neck motion
  • Numbness in arms


  • Back injuries

Our back is one of the most complex parts of the body, comprising several bones, muscles, and nerves. It constitutes the spinal column and surrounding muscles. It not only supports the person’s ability to sit, stand or bend, but it is also an important vehicle that sends messages from the brain to other parts of our body. 

Due to this, any injury to any part of the back can have serious problems and may severely limit the person’s physical ability. The most common back injuries that the victim faces in a truck accident include:

  • Spinal cord injury 
  • Strains or sprains
  • Herniated disc


  • Head injuries

TBIs or Traumatic Brain Injuries are the most common after truck accidents. It occurs when the brain suffers or jolts from a blow that forces it to strike the skull. The damages can be cognitive, emotional, or personality changes. Sometimes it may lead to a permanent injury state or even death. 

  • Crush injuries

Truk accidents subject the body to high pressure, which is why crush injuries are common. The body ends up stuck between objects with a high degree of force, especially when the victim is driving at a higher speed. This type of injury may lead to compressed nerves, fractures, and internal organ damage.

  • Wrist injuries

Commonly, the drivers use their hands and arms to protect themselves when they suspect that an accident is occurring. The action may provide little protection, but it is also an instinctive reaction that can result in hand, wrist, and arm injuries.

Get legal help

If you are injured in a truck accident, you should immediately seek medical attention for your injuries. It is vital to ensure that you receive the care you need for recovering and establish a link between your injuries and the accident.

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