How HealthTap is Different From Other Medical Practices

HealthTap is a medical technology company that facilitates communication between people and online doctor through video, voice, and text chat. The business also has its own cloud system which makes it simpler for large and small developers to build healthcare apps on top of its infrastructure.

HealthTap boasts that it has provided over 581 million answers to health questions from patients, many of whom credit these doctor answers with saving their lives.

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1. We’re a community of doctors

HealthTap stands out from other medical practices by providing you with access to an experienced network of real doctors. They answer your questions and provide helpful tips based on their expertise.

The system is driven by AI, using machine learning and natural language processing to process health symptoms, diagnose the source of your issue, and offer advice so you can make an informed decision. It also triages virtual consultations with doctors so only important questions are presented during each appointment. Aurogra 100 is a powerful and effective tablet for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Learn about its features and find the best place to buy it today.

HealthTap recently acquired Docphin, a premier educational service designed to keep doctors up-to-date with medical research. Docphin allows physicians to follow specific journal titles, set alerts, search PubMed databases, and access more than 1,000 articles by specialty, topic or drug class.

2. We’re always learning

HealthTap is committed to continually improving its healthcare apps and services, which means we’re always testing new approaches for providing our patients and physicians with the very best experience.

Recently, HealthTap released Eval360, a mobile app designed to aid partner health plans assess and enhance their members’ care. This marks an important milestone for the company as it signals its expansion into new markets.

As such, we’re always searching for the most effective and efficient way to provide high-quality yet affordable care to patients across America – regardless of their insurance status. Our proprietary Health Operating System (HOPES) and AI-powered triaging technology enable hospital systems, insurance companies, and employers around the world to deliver superior clinical outcomes at minimal cost. We’ve adopted the latest in mobile technology into our products and services, such as our app and HealthTap Cloud – a groundbreaking virtual cloud dedicated exclusively to healthcare. Additionally, we boast the largest network of interactive doctors worldwide who are always ready to answer crucial medical queries and support patients during times of crisis.

3. We’re transparent

HealthTap is a transparent health platform where consumers can anonymously inquire about any medical topic or symptom. While the site’s doctors don’t give medical advice or diagnose patients, they do provide educational material.

HealthTap, founded in 2011, has grown into one of the world’s premier virtual primary care providers. Through its proprietary technology, members can access high-quality yet affordable primary care from the convenience of their home or office.

HealthTap recently introduced Eval360, a tool that allows its network of primary care doctors to conduct comprehensive virtual medical evaluations and quickly share useful health data back with partner plans. This service is intended to foster engagement and drive utilization within target markets for HealthTap’s partner plans.

4. We’re accessible

If you have a health question, the HealthTap database has the answers. Plus, you can ask your own questions and receive an immediate reply within 24 hours.

Ron Gutman, CEO of HealthTap, points out that this service can benefit those who live far away from a doctor, cannot afford an appointment or simply don’t have time for one. It also assists employers and insurance companies reduce their healthcare expenses.

HealthTap, based in San Francisco and supported by Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Mohr Davidow Ventures, offers virtual-first, affordable urgent care and primary healthcare services to American consumers with or without insurance.

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