How to make a beautiful fence

An era where anything is easy to deliver at your fingertips. Answer a call from the Driver, tell coordinates and a green fence observation point. There is a big tree in front of the house. Got something that I like… I believe that anyone who is building a house must have a glimpse of this conversation going on in their heads. at least

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to tell landmarks to make appointments easier But above all, making a fence home to be safe. Beautifying the image of the house is still the main purpose. And what kind of fence can be called to enhance the image of our home?

How to build a beautiful fence to add a resort to the house

Resort-style houses are those that have a clear image when we think of them, such as pictures of trees, empty spaces, the sound of birds and the sound of waterfalls, bringing nature to create relaxation and warmth. Therefore, building a fence is inevitable, a tree fence, a bamboo fence, or even

Different brick fences, each of which has its own specialties.

1. Tree fence

It is a very popular fence. Because it provides shady, shade, enhances the atmosphere of a resort-style house. But in choosing to make a fence, you must focus on thick thickets. camouflage and sound It also reduces the temperature of the house.

Yes, most of which will make a second layer of plant fences. The first floor may be a cement fence to add security to the house. There are many types of trees that are commonly used to make fences such as

– Water Jasmine is a medium-sized perennial plant that is easy to care for. The height of the tree is 5-12 meters. Water Jasmine likes sunlight. Thus, there is no need for frequent watering. By taking care of it, water about 5-7 days/time.

– Ficus annulata Blume, the characteristic of the Korean banyan tree, is a tall shrub. Dark green leaves are quite thick stacked in many layers. When the Korean ficus matures, it can reach a height of 5-6 meters, ever. The roots of the Korean banyan will sag.

Like other types of figs When planting ficus, be sure to have space and distance from the house to prevent the roots from damaging the house or if there is a house building company.2. bamboo fence

Bamboo is a tree that gives strength, flexibility, does not crack, and is not easily fragile. We can make a difference by adding a design to add a resort to the house. which in detail must be done with techniques to prevent insect weevils enough

Bamboo can be up to 15 meters tall and has a relatively fast growth rate, making it suitable for use as a fence. because it can camouflage and suitable as a backdrop as well

2. wooden fence

Wood is a material that gives a feeling of relaxation, warmth and safety. Choosing wood to make a fence for a resort style house gives a warm and relaxing feeling as well. But you have to choose the right type of use. Because the fence needs to withstand sunlight, rain and various conditions.

The most popular wood used for making fences is red wood and favorite wood, but it has disadvantages because it requires regular maintenance. The condition of the wood may deteriorate according to environmental conditions and over time, such as cracks, swelling or shrinkage, decay and fading.

This is to eliminate maintenance problems. Many houses were converted to use artificial wood. Or synthetic wood fiber cement (Fiber Cement) is a material that has undergone a compaction process. And baked into various shapes and sizes according to usage, having a fence that is in good condition all the time will enhance the image of the house as well.

3. Red brick fence

It is another type of fence that gives eye-catching colors. Even in a house full of trees Adding more vitality to the home Because the green color of the trees or fruit trees will clearly contrast with the color of the fence. But there are disadvantages as well because red brick takes a long time to build.

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