Instagram Poll Ideas For Business

Instagram polls can be used for a variety of purposes, from gauging customer interest in your brand to driving traffic to your website. These types of polls are a great way to connect with your followers on a more personal level – the comments on your Instagram posts often fall short of fostering deeper conversations yourjobnews.

Instagram polls can be created by using a slide-in feature or as a sticker. Sliders are a fun way to encourage engagement, while question stickers let your audience write their own answers to the question. It’s best to use these once you’ve built rapport with your audience. Another option is the classic poll, an image that asks your audience to choose one answer. This is a good choice for simple polls that require quick responses careerpioneer.

You can also use Instagram polls to judge a contest or competition getcareergoal. Some businesses use this method to determine who wins an award. A popular brand using this technique is @parksproject, which offers apparel designed to promote the national parks. It uses trivia polls in Stories to encourage engagement, while also promoting its mission of saving national parks makeidealcareer.

Instagram poll ideas are great for increasing user engagement and views. You can also use polls to create an interactive story or photo to reach a wider audience jobexpressnews.

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