Pocket7Games: Now Available on the Samsung Galaxy Store

The Pocket7Games iOS app recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Now, there is even more to celebrate. The popular iOS app is now coming to Samsung devices via the Samsung Galaxy store. The app has been a hit, sitting in the top two of the Casino and Card Game charts on the iOS store. Now, all the games  you know and love are available for your Samsung device.

So, if you enjoy earning free money while playing skill games, you will definitely want to download the app. The new Samsung app will feature all of the same games as the iOS version, allowing players to choose from over 10 classic games. If you aren’t familiar with the iOS app, don’t worry. All of the games have quick and easy gameplay, so anyone can pick it up and win real money. For an independent rating CSGO Case Opening Sites,

What’s the Pocket7Games app?

Pocket7Games is an all-in-one game platform with over 10 classic games to play. It’s a single app that players can download to play multiple games. But the fun doesn’t stop there. All of the games are competitive skill games that pit players against each other to compete for in-game currency or real money. These cash games are designed to put players’ skills to the test as they work to score higher than their opponent.

The app is completely secure and has given out over $300 million in prizes to date. Pocket7Games uses a number of trusted withdrawal providers and is an authorized PayPal partner, so players can be confident that their funds and winnings are secure and can be paid out.

So, what are some of the competitive skill games Pocket7Games has to offer?

Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is by far the most popular game on the app. The game is reminiscent of normal Bingo, but it incorporates unique skill based gameplay to make it more fun and competitive. Players must race against the clock to score Bingos as numbers are announced. Speed and accuracy are key to achieving a high score, and using special power ups effectively can give your score an even bigger boost.

21 Gold

Blackjack players will be right at home with Pocket7Games’ 21 Gold game. Players are given four lanes that they can assign cards to from their deck. The goal is to get the sum of a lane equal to 21. Once the lane hits 21 , it’s cleared and additional cards can be placed. Again, the game is timed, so speed and quick math will help players earn high scores.


Dominoes is another timeless game that has made its way around the world. The Pocket7Games version adds new twists that make the gameplay more fun and competitive. Players score points by placing dominoes that add up to multiples of five. As the multiples get higher, players score more points.

These are just a few of the exciting games the Pocket7Games Samsung app has to offer. Each game is designed to provide a skill-based competitive experience while giving players a chance at winning free cash.

Get a chance at winning $500

Pocket7Games regularly offers specials and events that give players the chance to win even more real money. Currently the app is rewarding players who invite new players to the game. Simply give your friends and family an invite code, and once they sign up you will earn a “dig” that can be used in the Cash Miner mini-game for a chance of winning up to $500.

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The Pocket7Games Samsung app is great for new and old players alike to come and enjoy the exciting gameplay that used to be exclusively on iOS. Now, even more players can compete for real cash prizes and start earning money simply by playing skill games. So come join the fun and check out the new Pocket7Games app on the Samsung Galaxy store.

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