Questions About Pest Control in Live Oak

Texas homeowners are not oblivious about the presence of various species of insects, bugs, and rodents in the state. However, no one wants to live with nasty pests and creepy crawlers. Pests are not only horrid but can transmit serious diseases. Many wood-eating insects can damage homes beyond repair. It only makes sense to hire a reliable local service for pest-related risks. If you are hiring pest control in Live Oak, TX, check the FAQs listed below. 

What are the different types of pest control services?

The work of a pest control company can be divided into two categories – preventive and reactive. Preventive pest control focuses on taking measures to prevent future infestations, while reactive pest control is about managing an existing situation. People often use terms like “pest control companies” and “exterminators” interchangeably, but there are notable differences. Exterminators do their best to eliminate pests, but pest control companies have a more comprehensive and holistic approach. 

How to choose a service in Live Oak?

Numerous pest control services operate in Live Oak. Before you hire a company, ensure that they are licensed, known, and reliable. A pest control service is also expected to have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. You need to ask a few questions too, including – 

  1. How long have you been working as a pest control company?
  2. What are your service highlights?
  3. How do you mitigate the risks associated with chemicals and pesticides?
  4. Do you specialize in preventive pest control?
  5. Do you offer estimates in advance?
  6. Do you have an in-house team? Are your workers trained, qualified, and insured?

How much does pest control cost?

It depends. If you already have a case of extreme infestation, you may have to pay more. Preventive pest control plans are usually affordable, and if a company is relying on environment-friendly measures, products, and tools, they may charge more. You can expect to get an estimate in advance. 

What’s the difference between DIY pest control and professional services?

DIY pest control is a myth. Yes, you would potentially kill a few pests that you can find in the open, but those sprays and TikTok hacks will never resolve or fix the source of the problem. You need a professional pest control company that has a qualified team and a good pool of resources to deal with the situation. 

Consider spending on remediation without delay and include a preventive pest control plan in your budget – You can thank us later. 

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