Separating in Ohio? You need a family lawyer

Problems are not unusual in a marriage, but when things are beyond the point of reconciliation, parting ways amicably is a good idea. Ohio has different laws when it comes to ending a marriage. You have two options – To file for dissolution of marriage or to file for divorce. Both are not the same in Ohio unlike in other states. You may want to consult a Delaware family law attorney to know the facts better. In this post, we will talk about the differences between a divorce and dissolution of marriage and why you need a lawyer. 

Know your options better

If you and your spouse can resolve your key separation-related issues, you can file for the dissolution of marriage, which is a much swifter process. Think of this as a version of no-fault divorce, where both sides decide to settle things amicably. A dissolution of marriage is the best option for most couples, who do not want to wash dirty linen in public. A divorce in Ohio, on the other hand, is a version of contested divorce in other states. For example, if your spouse has abused you or has cheated on you, it would be wise to seek a divorce, if the other side doesn’t want to end the marriage. 

Do you need a family law attorney?

The short answer is yes. No matter the situation, the whole process of ending your marriage won’t be an easy one. Things are often complicated in cases, where the separating spouses have considerable joint assets, or minor children. Your best bet would be to sort things with your spouse outside of court and file for dissolution of marriage. Your lawyer could be an instrumental tool for that. Your lawyer can help with – 

  1. Navigating your legal options
  2. Negotiating with your spouse
  3. Knowing your rights and duties
  4. Drafting the legal paperwork
  5. Handling the matters in front of a judge, if needed

Attorneys in Delaware usually work at an hourly rate, which means you can ask for an estimate in advance. Without an attorney, your divorce could be much longer and time-consuming. Your family law attorney can help avoid a divorce in the first place, and you can expect to start a new life soon. Just ensure that the lawyer you choose is experienced, known, credible, and has good reviews. The first meeting with an attorney doesn’t have to cost much, and it makes sense to consult one. 

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