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Building a European and American style house

In addition to the advancement in technology will bring many changes in various fields, it will also bring the application of art and science. including the science of building houses รับสร้างบ้านหรู architecturally With the introduction of architecture in each region that is completely different in all aspects. to build on the area, location, environment, geography as well as different weather conditions which is applied to the area that is being built

tropical country Many countries have adopted the architecture of building residential houses สร้างบ้านหรู. from all corners of the world come together seamlessly which has been adjusted to suit the environment, way of life, as well as different climatic conditions. It has become a unique architectural style that is no less interesting. which these ideas In this article, we will present a foreign-style house design that can be applied or built as a residence in a tropical country.

Let’s go see that What kind of houses do you have in mind?

1. European style single-storey house

This one-storey European-style house Emphasis on use on the usable area that completes all functions within the interior and beautiful with exterior design Construction materials can be found everywhere. There is nothing difficult at all. The roof is a gable shape that covers the whole house. Emphasize the dark tones of the roof. Contrasting with the clean white of the house The normal masonry and cement plaster. But it stands out with a simple but modern design in European style.

The exterior of the house has glass doors and windows. Decorate with a few flower pots by the window to give the freshness of a typical European house. Outside, surrounded by a low, light gray picket fence, is a simple little house in the European countryside.

2. Building bricks in the winter style

The beauty of a brick house like the houses in this winter town. It can be applied to build in our house. By maintaining all the original architecture styles. including the use of core materials like brickwork and plaster and paint in some gardens including having a balcony in front of the house and the Short term apartment rental agency raised slightly from the ground

3. English Country Vintage

This one-storey house in English country style. Even from the outside, you can feel the beauty, cute, elegant and suitable for small family. which is becoming popular in Thai society today

With a vintage English country style house, it is a house that presents a unique style in the English style. Beautiful with a gable roof in earth tone tones. look gentle but no less luxurious by wall paneling with wooden siding painted in clean white and the use of light tones as the main Glass panels along the length so that the light from outside shines inside It’s warm, gentle, and breathable, too.

4. Scandinavian style in the middle of the forest

Scandinavian style It is another style in designing and decorating the house that is not less popular. No matter what kind of environment or weather conditions Because it is a design style that is unique in terms of simplicity. focus on usability and the beauty is perfect in every degree Although some houses may have quite a lot of space. But with a design style that emphasizes simplicity, not clutter and the use of white, gray or basic colors of natural materials. It gives a warm, beautiful and natural look. It looks like a minimalist style.

5. Mediterranean seaside

For the highlight of a Mediterranean-style luxury home. In addition to being outstanding in terms of overall architecture. It is also characterized by a red roof. or fresh roof It is a color scheme that represents the warmth of sunlight, sky and sea, which is the origin of Mediterranean style. including stone walls Or some architects may bring other types of architecture into the mix. such as masonry and smooth plaster but retains the distinctive features of the Mediterranean style.

In addition to the brightly colored roof that is attractive to the eye Another highlight that is clearly visible in the Mediterranean style home is that. Arched doors and windows

6. Vibrant colors in a tropical style

Tropical Style is another style in design and home decoration. that we would like to present for anyone who is looking for a beautiful house in a foreign country style that would like to be built in Thailand, our country with a style in designing and decorating homes that are close to Thai houses especially in terms of materials used primarily in construction

Let’s look at the example we presented in the picture. then you will see Construction of houses in a tropical style Nothing seems difficult, right? Just use wood as the main material. Add a window for a bit more ventilation. This is the same way to build a Thai house. with windows for ventilation Then add color to the house to be bright as the homeowner or residents like. That’s it, you will have a beautiful tropical style home!

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