What is Nasdaq Trading Hours in South Africa?

Do you want to start trading with Nasdaq in South Africa and want to get all the information about nasdaq trading hours south africa? If yes, then our blog is the best place where you can get answers to your every question related to Nasdaq trading hours in South Africa.

Nasdaq is perhaps the most famous stock exchange market globally because it is one of the best in America. That is why many people want to get started with their trading with Nasdaq in developing countries like South Africa. 

We are here with answers to all of your questions related to Nasdaq trading hours in South Africa. So, read it thoroughly to get answers to your questions completely

Nasdaq Trading Hours in South Africa

Nasdaq is one of those markets that believe in holidays on both days of the weekend. So, the Nasdaq market opens at 9:30 am according to Eastern Time Zone. It becomes 4:30 pm in South Africa. While the whole world’s market of Nasdaq closes at 4:00 pm according to Eastern Time Zone. This time is 11:00 pm in South Africa. 

But according to experts, you should trade between the first four hours (4 to 8 pm) in South Africa and leave other hours for other traders, especially if you are only trading with ZAR currency. If you think these Nasdaq trading hours in South Africa are not good, you are completely wrong. 

Because in reality, this late timing is a blessing for South African traders because you don’t even need to be an early morning person to get away with it. Nasdaq trading hours in South Africa are probably the best globally, especially those who hate waking up early to see the shares and stocks going up and down. 

Holidays of Nasdaq in South Africa

Well, as we have told earlier, Saturday and Sunday are permanent holidays for Nasdaq. But there are some yearly holidays as well that are set by Nasdaq as per every country. But here, we will see only South African Holidays:

  • New Year Day 
  • Independence day of South Africa
  • Labor’s Day
  • Christmas (Christmas has a bit different rules. Some traders have more than one holiday for that and some traders even work on Christmas but for less time. So, it is completely your choice.)
  • Day of recognition 
  • Day of Goodwill

Is there any Lunch Break in Nasdaq in South Africa?

Many people ask this question because a lunch break is a must thing in a daily routine. But Nasdaq’s case is a bit different because it has left this problem to every country. After all, some countries want a lunch break while others do not.

In Asia and especially in the Middle East, most countries allow a lunch break of a few minutes. While in other countries like the USA, the UK and South Africa lunch break is not bothered that much.    


Now, you know Nasdaq’s trading hours in South Africa. Moreover, you know the best hours to trade with Nasdaq in South Africa so that you can get started with it confidently.   For more information visit website

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