When not to cast love spells

According to some websites SpellsНelp about love spells, there are absolutely no restrictions regarding home magic. so basically anyone can perform any love magic ritual in exchange for a small donation to the owner of the website or for clicking on an ad link. There are hardly any warnings against casting love spells when it’s a waning moon or when you’re feeling under the weather.

As a professional magic practitioner, I, spellcaster Maxim, know that there are multiple love spell guaranteed work restrictions which make it impossible to cast love spells at home successfully. The first restriction applies to the date of your ritual. According to the laws of magic, love spells and other spells intended to create should be cast only when the moon is waxing. When the moon is waning, breakup spells and curses are cast.

There are some age restrictions in magic, too. For example, people over 60 years old shouldn’t cast spells at home. The reason is that older people tend to have more fragile energies and find it harder to find external energy sources to replenish their energy when needed. Unlike them, people in their 20s and 30s live in harmony with the Universe and are surrounded by friends who may give them some energy if needed. Unfortunately, 60 people don’t have that. As a result, even simple love spells drain their energy leaving them exhausted and putting them at risk for physical or mental illnesses.

People younger 21 years old shouldn’t do magic either, because magic can damage the program of their future filling it with failures, losses, boredom and unhappiness. Underage people shouldn’t be put spells on either and the same applies to pregnant women. I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to remind you that when you put a spell on a pregnant woman, the spell affects the fetus too, which is a very serious karmic crime and the offenders are severely punished by their karma.

Don’t cast spells if you’re:

– Depressed;

– Fatigued;

– Sad;

– Experiencing mental issues;

– Suffering from alcohol or drug addiction;

– Angry, jealous or envious;

– Looking for revenge or want to make the target feel pain.

If none of the above restrictions applies to you, try to cast the below love spell, even though there is a faster and easier way to make the target love you back.

Love spells that are guaranteed to work

I’m talking about hiring me, spellcaster Maxim, and letting me put a love spell on the person you love. I can offer you a wide range of love spells that are guaranteed to work as well as other spells and services. For example, I can protect your relationship from rivals or help you be with someone who’s currently married by speeding up this person’s divorce. I also offer magic examination and screening services for you to know what your future can be and choose the option you like most.

You can order any spell you want, but remember that the timelines vary. I’ll tell you when your spell will be cast and bring results when you contact me. But no matter what ritual you choose, I can assure you that it’ll be cast professionally and stay effective longer than any spells offered by other magic practitioners and witches.

Casting a love spell (guaranteed work) on garments

This love spell (guaranteed work) is cast on a garment that belongs to the target. The garment should be worn and not washed, preferably still smell like the target. Also, it should be made of wool and be knitted so you could unravel it for yarn.

Steal an appropriate wool garment if needed, however the use of a stolen item reduces the effectiveness of this love spell up to 40%. So it’s better to ask the target if you can borrow, for example, a wool sweater from him or her. Unravel it as soon as possible as you need it to still have the target’s energy imprint when you perform the ritual.

The ritual is quite simple. Note that I, spellcaster Maxim, offer only simple love spells that are guarantee to work. Just take your picture, roll it up (face inwards) and wind it around with the thread all over. Then unravel your sweater and wind this new thread over the thread from the target’s sweater.

Pour some pure water from one clean container to another and back 24 times through this “photo pipe”. Then make a drink using this water, such as some tea, coffee or cocoa, and service it to the target. It’s believed that the target will fall in love with you after only three drinks.

If the spell doesn’t work for some reason, don’t be unset and don’t give up on your dream. Contact me and I will cast a powerful spell to reprogram the target’s mind, whether or not the target is protected by any amulets. My spells are stronger than any protection amulet or charm. I’ve cast hundreds of successful love spells on the most gorgeous and desired women and the most confident and successful men. No matter who the target is, I can help you win this person’s heart. Contact me and see it for yourself. Check more

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