Which Type of Luxury Fleet Should You Prefer for Your Family?

Do you know the fact that there is a special and different car for every occasion? Be it a small family vacation, a wedding ceremony or an extravagant from luxury private car service is ready with the fleet of classy and comfortable limousines to serve you and make the whole experience memorable. It can be quite confusing to choose the perfect ride for yourself your family and friends. This article aims to clear this confusion by providing information regarding the different cars that most of the private car service offer.

Chrysler 300S is a beautiful season that comes in a cautious black colour it can carry or accommodate two passengers and has the capacity of caring two bags. If you want to hire a Limousine service for your wedding or an anniversary with your partner this is the perfect car. It has a panoramic sunroof for a romantic getaway and comfortable black leather interior which makes the whole vehicle look very sophisticated. If you want to impress your boss or your partner then you should definitely go for this model. It has all the necessary amenities like water and comes with complementary candy. Phone chargers are also available and the tinted windows make sure that your privacy is protected.

SUV Limo is a larger car that can accommodate up to 6 people and 5 bags. The Chevrolet Suburban is an elegant car that insures a luxurious and comfortable ride. This is ideal to pick up your relatives from the airport or you can hire this car to take a short trip on a weekend with your friends and family. It has all the important and when it is required to make the experience enjoyable.

Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most sought-after limousines from our fleet. It can carry up to 14 people however no baggage can be accommodated. The exquisite sound system and two large televisions present within the car makes it a luxurious and stylish car. The LED lighting and the colour changing lights present on the ceiling mix the ambience suitable for birthday parties, prom, New Years’ and other celebrations.

Ford F550 Bus is suitable for people who you want to accommodate a large group of guests. It can comfortably fit after 27 people as well as 27 bags. The high sunroof dual climate control and black interior makes it quite an impressive Limousine. The adjustable seats are extremely comfortable if you are planning for a long trip.

Ford Transit 350 is another limousine that has the capacity to carry 14 passengers as well as for 14 bags. Unlike Mercedes sprinter which can also accommodate 14 people the Ford transit 350 has also the capacity to carry bags of the passengers. This is ideal to pick up people from airport as it can carry e a sufficient number of passengers as well as their bags system this Limousine is comfortable in any weather and guarantees a luxurious ride.

Cadillac Limousine is one of the most exotic cars in our party bus fleet. Who has not heard of Cadillac? This is the Limo that we usually see in Hollywood movies, luxurious, long and classy. It usually comes in white colour Which instantly makes you look sophisticated. Around 14 to 18 passengers can be accommodated comfortably in the Cadillac Limousine however it does not have the space to carry bags. Climate control and the stereo sound system with complimentary beverages creates the ideal right. This is perfect for any kind of celebration. Be it for birthday parties or weddings this car is sure to impress guests.

Last but not least we have Hummer H2 Limo with a capacity to accommodate 14 to 17 passengers. Like the Cadillac, this does not have the space to carry any bags. This is one of the other stretch limousines in our fleet which is elegant and bold. If you want to be noticed at a party then this is the car you should arrive in. The interior lighting and amenities will not only mesmerise you but your guests as well this car reeks of excellence and class.

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