Why we collect medals?

An introductory book for first-time medal buyers – it’s beyond your beloved wishes!

Unlike millions of coins, medals are often hit in small quantities, and in some cases only a dozen also, the award medal with the winner’s name is a unique-unique-specimen!

Condition and grading

The condition and grade of the medals are better than expected. Unlike coins, medals do not circulate and six classes of wear-based conditions are not required. The medal evaluation criteria are even different from coins. For coins, evaluate wear and overlook wear. For medals, evaluate scratches and overlook wear (usually not).

Open your eyes-enjoy the beauty!

To examine coins these days, you need a higher magnification microscope. However, the medal is displayed as an overall image, that is, the beauty of the entire medal design. And you can do this with assisted normal eyesight!


Certainly, you can buy coins for investment from However, if you wish, you can buy medals for the same reason. The price of medals rises for the same reason: supply and demand. But the most important buying advice-see:

Buy what you like!

Personal choice is a major factor in choosing to buy medals.

Stop visiting the bank so often

Two reasons: You can reduce the cost of medals-you can get more for your money and you don’t have to put your medals in the safe deposit box.

Live with a medal

Select some of your favorite medals and place them in a prominent place shelf, mantle, antique cabinet, etc. Both you and your friends can enjoy watching them. Put the rest in the cabinet and rotate it to display.

Interested in those with medals

The most commonly used device for medals is, of course, people. Hundreds of thousands of portraits appeared on the medals. Who is your favorite, person or professional actor? You tend to find their likenesses on medals.

Create a balanced set

Look for medals from different eras and artists, not just the present. In addition to your interest in themes, you can also enjoy a variety of styles, designs, glosses, and finishes.


Yes, of course. Medal collectibles sell at about the same rate as other collectibles. There may not be a medal dealer in your city, but there are many professional medal art dealers.

Forgery and reproduction

Like coins, they exist. But the medals weren’t that bad. Coin copies are made by fraudsters. Museums often make copies of medals for study by serious numismatists.

For all of us history buffs

Medals are the best source of history and symbolism. If you like to reveal their history, their special stories, the medals are invincible. Please check your heart content.

Super deals!

Medals can be purchased from a variety of sources. In many cases, sellers don’t know their value to collectors. There is no price guide. Sellers set their own prices, but as collectibles, they are often undervalued. In addition to MCA Medallion Dealer members, don’t Miss Internet auctions, flea markets, and antique dealers.

Protected surface

Unlike coins, most medals made in the last century have a bronzed or prominent finish. Then apply a coat of invisible paint to prevent scratches and scuffs.

Choose a theme!

Since medals are awarded for numerous events and themes, you can choose almost any theme and build a medal collection around it. Choose as many topics as possible that interest you. Find out how many medals you can earn on these themes.

Free governance

There are no holes that can fill the album. Create a medal collection at your own pace and direction. Define your major as needed.

An ideal collection

You couldn’t ask for a better collection. Medals China are permanent metal, highly artistic (often created by well-known artists!), easy to obtain, easy to store and display. The ideal physical object for your collection public museums and institutions has been aware of this for years!

Meet nice people

Other medal collector’s smart, knowledgeable medal collectors who share common interests and experiences are some of the best coin collectors in the field.

And a great medal dealer!

A handful of medal dealers are great people. When I was a medal dealer, my former competitor is now one of my best friends.

Minimal attention should be paid to medals

You don’t have to feed them, or you need to take care of them. However, medals do not require much attention and are best stored in trays or boxes.

Forget the board

You can still touch the medal! In addition to proof surface medals, you can handle them. Feel their relief. They are not fooled by finger oil (unlike coins). Touch their excitement!

Leave your mark on numismatics

Of all monetary literature, medals are the least involved. There is a huge opportunity to create a collection of popular medals, create a catalog based on the collection, or even create a “standard piece”. This benefits other collectors and puts your name on lasting monetary history.


You don’t have to brag. However, as a medal collector, others in the field automatically learn about your advanced currency knowledge and gather taste and skills.

For pure fun!

As a collector of 60 years and a medalist since 1962, I have collected nearly all coins. Don’t be afraid of contradictions, there’s nothing more fun than collecting medals. This applies to you too!

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