3 Shocking facts about Kidnapping in New York City

What is kidnapping? Kidnapping, in simple terms, is forcefully confining someone for either monetary gains or sexual abuse or both. Generally, kidnapping is followed by extortion or sexual abuse or homicide or all of these together. If you have been charged with kidnapping, hire a Canandaigua criminal lawyer to defend your case.

As per the New York law, the defendant will be found guilty irrespective of the amount of time the victim was confined. It can be for 10 mins or 10 days. If the victim’s lawyer can prove that the kidnapping was for 5 mins, still the defendant would be charged for the offense. The offense is not considered a misdemeanor in any given situation.

1) What do the families go through?

The family of the kidnapped victim goes through a lot of emotional trauma thinking about the whereabouts of the abducted. The situation becomes more complex if there is no contact from the kidnapper for any expectations from kidnapping. 

The kidnapping most often leads to rape, homicide or trafficking in some cases. Children are the easiest targets of kidnappers through which they try to ask for ransom.

2) What is the psyche behind the kidnapping?

The criminal act of kidnapping and harming an individual is not a work of sane minds.

Hence in most cases, the criminal is found to be having some mental issues.

Or the person commits such a crime in vague anger or anguish towards the victim.

There are some cases where such a crime is committed for monetary gains.

In any given scenario, the criminal goes through similar charges.

3) How are the charges sentenced?

-Federal law enforcement agencies and New York state law enforcement officials often work together to find the victim since it is a felony under both laws. And Felonies are viewed seriously by society.

-Always talk to your attorney since the difference between crime and felony is defined by potential punishment for committing them.

-If you have a Felony on your name, it gets hard to go on with life.

-The jail time of the criminal was increased to 50 years in 2008.

-This was with the idea that would discourage such offences and drop the child trafficking and rape cases.


Kidnapping puts a lot of lives at stake, especially if the victim is not traceable, which leads to a family going through a traumatic time. No amount of console works until the victim is found safe and sound.

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