Horses may appear graceful while performing, but they are under significant stress that may harm their health and well-being. The solution is using saddle pads. But most people are unaware of the importance of saddle pads. A horse saddle pad offers several benefits beyond just making the trip pleasurable for both horse and rider.

It safeguards your horse’s skin.

A horse saddle pad can significantly reduce rubbing between the saddle and the skin. It does this to prevent your horse’s back from hurting and to protect its muscles and skin. However, you should get a high-quality saddle for this benefit and more durability. A good quality saddle pad reduces deterioration and wear on the saddle and the horse’s back by reducing the friction between them.

It helps improve performance.

Saddle pads have the substantial benefit of increasing productivity. The biggest advantage is that they stop the saddle from slipping on the horse’s back from perspiration. Your horse’s performance may suffer from sweating and unwicked heat under the harness.

The pressure patterns experienced by the ridden horse become more severe with increasing pace, rider weight and instability, and saddle fit issues. Along with sweating and shifting, these pressures can cause bruising, scorching, hair loss, high-pressure points, pressure sores, diminished performance in the horse, and a breakdown in the relationship between the horse and rider. Therefore a horse saddle pad increases comfort to boost performance.

It enhances comfort

The horse’s comfort during a performance is the primary role of a saddle pad. It accomplishes this by reducing friction between the horse’s back and the saddle’s hard surface. A pad can help with minor fit issues by acting as a space filler, spreading pressure equally, and removing high-pressure regions beneath the saddle.

Additionally, it can secure the saddle, draw moisture away from the horse’s back, and shield it from sweat and mud. However, saddles should not be utilized to correct severe saddle fitting issues as they are not intended to do so.

Saddles for horses help provide comfort in several ways:

  • They lessen the rubbing of the saddle against your horse’s skin
  • They improve the comfort of your saddle for your horse.
  • Saddle pads help keep horses’ backs cool and dry.
  • Distribute pressure evenly on your horse’s back.
  • They shield the saddle from dandruff and sweat.
  • They can enhance saddle fit (some types of saddle pads even have shimming slots where saddle fitters can add shims to rectify fits)

It maintains the health of your horse’s back

Despite their might, horses are sensitive creatures, which is why you might consider buying a pony blanket for warmth during winter. They will be vulnerable to injury and cold if you don’t take appropriate care of them.

If you ride without a saddle pad or use a subpar saddle pad, you risk hurting your horse’s spine. A good saddle pad will assist in evenly distributing your weight across the horse’s back. It partially absorbs the effects of your weight while protecting the horse’s back from damage and preventing further harm.

The endnote

Ensure you choose the right saddle pad for your horse.


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