How to Prevent Cockroaches from Invading Your Irvine Home

Dealing with a roach infestation on your own is hard. But cockroaches can easily find their way into your house. If you have a current roach infestation, you must address the problem as soon as possible with the help of an Irvine exterminator. Cockroaches are not only gross but also pose health hazards to you and your loved ones. To prevent roaches from invading your home, you should follow the tips below:

Be Cautious of What You Bring Home

Roaches are known for being hitchhikers. If you don’t want to deal with a roach infestation at home, be cautious of what you bring home including bags crates, and boxes. Cockroaches may hitchhike in those items and end up entering your house. In fact, you may get them through packages delivered to your home.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Food preparation areas where you eat can attract roaches. Indeed, having food accessible and leaving crumbs on the floor will cause roaches to enter your house and take up residence. To prevent a cockroach infestation, do the dishes immediately and never leave crumbs uncleaned. And when you clean the floor, make sure you get under and behind your appliances. Lastly, make sure all food is placed inside sealed containers and not left sitting out. 

Minimize Excess Moisture

Roaches are also drawn to water sources, so check for sources of moisture or standing water. Ensure the gutters can effectively divert rainwater from your house. Never leave clutter that can collect water. Also, check for leaks in your faucets and drains since even slow drips can offer roaches enough water. 

Handle Pet Food Properly

Roaches eat anything and can be drawn to pet food. Make sure all extra pet food is stored in sealed containers. Pet bowls must be emptied at night. If your pet grazes all day, keep its water and food bowl a few inches off the floor, ensuring your pet can still reach them while making it difficult for cockroaches to access.

Take Out the Trash

Roaches will attack any sitting garbage, so take care of your trash regularly. Use enclosed trash receptacles with lids. Also, use outdoor containers with lids. Ensure there are no traces of food residues under and around the trash cans.

Seek Professional Help

In some instances, you have probably thought you have done everything and kept your home spotless. But you may still have roaches roaming around the kitchen. When this happens, you should contact a pest control expert to address the problem.  

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