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5 Myths About Locksmith Services Debunked

In any kind of area there are myths, things that are definitely not true but still seek ways for people to believe them and spread over time affecting in one way or another the professionals who work with them and may even encourage scams. 

In this case, locksmith professionals want to clarify one or two things that they have heard and that have become very widespread so that you can extend your knowledge and maybe it will help you to better choose your services or give you tips on the use of this important service.

Not all locksmiths can open all locks.

Locks are very strong security systems at times, and there are a lot of types out there, not including classifications: Car locks, window locks, safes, doors, cabinets, desks, etc. Most locksmiths are classified in different areas, for example, companies have one locksmith to service door locks and another for automotive problems. And this does not mean that they have less professionalism, but the area of locksmithing only residential doors is already quite heavy.

Locksmiths are not only needed during emergencies.

To your surprise, there are regular locksmiths and emergency locksmith services, such as when you are locked out of your home at night. So don’t be surprised if you specify that it is an emergency and you need extreme speed and the cost is a little higher. The truth is that emergency services are few compared to the serious and daily services of a locksmith, such as the installation of electronic security systems, safes, window locks, residential risk analysis, among many other things that are services that you do not only need in 10 minutes. 

They don’t have a master key

This is something that many locksmiths find funny, and is that many people believe that all locksmiths have a magic master key that opens absolutely all doors, whether commercial or residential. And it seems that there is a need to clarify that this is a lie, otherwise, can you imagine the risk that would be? Besides, it is not physically possible to do something like that. But on the contrary, these specialists can install locks with master keys so that all the doors in your home can be opened with just one key and you don’t have to keep a huge key ring in your wallet.

Costs do vary, it is necessary

Let’s clarify before continuing that locksmith services are quite economical and adaptable to the needs of each client, but it is important to note that you can not compare a door opening service with one of installation of safes. The best thing you can do to avoid surprises, is to talk to the locksmith to get a budget that matches what you need and you decide whether you want to take it or not xotic news.

There is no guaranteed work

This is a very sad reality of locksmithing, and is that within the service there are a lot of people posing as locksmiths. Do not trust people who only claim to be locksmiths, but who prove that they are specialists in the field. One way to confirm is to ask them for a license, a certification or something that guarantees that they can offer this type of service and that it is still valid. You can also check their recommendations on google, to see what people think about the service. 

If they have a website, it is already a good sign. But sadly you must be attentive to any detail and do not rely on words alone. In addition, respect yourself and always hire quality even if it is just to install a window lock, because you will end up paying more if the service ends badly.

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