5 tips for choosing a reliable divorce lawyer in Houston

Your divorce is a huge decision that requires much contemplation. Yes, you can rely on your friends and family members for advice, but a lawyer is your best bet when it comes to legal aspects. Thankfully, Texas allows for no-fault divorces. If you can sort all key matters with your spouse, it would be an uncontested divorce, which doesn’t have to be complicated. There is a cool-off period of 60 days in Texas, which is the minimum time required to finalize the process. If you are looking for a reliable divorce lawyer in Houston, we have five tips listed below. 

  1. Check the response. Divorce attorneys are often busy with their cases, but as a client, you should be able to access the lawyer’s office and get an appointment. When you call the attorney’s office, consider all the key aspects – did the staff member respond immediately? Did you get an appointment without much fuss? What questions did they answer? What was the wait time for your appointment? 
  2. Consider the comfort level. Talking about the divorce and personal details of your marriage is not easy, especially with a stranger. If you are meeting an attorney for the first time, consider if they are a good listener. They should listen to your side of the story and answer your questions. If an attorney makes you feel intimidated or overwhelmed, they are certainly not the right option. 
  3. Ask about experience. There are a few pertinent questions that any client should ask a divorce lawyer – How long have you been practicing family law in Houston? What percentage of your practice is dedicated to divorce cases? Have you taken divorce matters to trial? Can you share a few references? What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
  4. Know the costs. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly rate, but you could potentially pay a flat fee if yours is an uncontested and simple divorce. Ask the attorney about the estimated costs in advance. You would want to minimize friction with your spouse, which can prolong the divorce and increase your attorney’s fee. 
  5. Find more about your rights. During the first meeting with a divorce lawyer, ask them about your rights. While some lawyers may seek time to review your case, they can share an overview of what to expect, especially when there are key concerns like child custody and alimony. 

Hire a lawyer soon after you decide to file for divorce in Houston. 

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