6 reasons to be Microsoft Azure certified

As an IT professional, you will witness waves of major change throughout your career. Some will touch one part of your work first, then another, before transforming your entire business.

To stay competitive, your employers and customers rely on you to stay one step ahead of the technology transformation curve. Maybe they’ll turn to you when they evaluate their move to the cloud? Perhaps they will raise a problem by asking you to provide a solution?

Whatever the scenario, be sure that the skills you bring will be critical on many levels.

And since an organization’s success depends on its ability to evolve and implement new technologies, training and certifications are essential pillars for the acquisition and validation of knowledge and skills.

That’s why being certified on Microsoft technologies, and more specifically on the Azure Cloud, will bring you many benefits.

#1 Recognition of an IT industry leader

Companies rely on Microsoft technologies and services to maintain their applications and other critical processes. They use doubly as numerous Microsoft results as those of its main contender.. There’s a high ultimatum for qualified professionals on Microsoft technologies and Microsoft certifications validate your ability to perform in a slice-edge digital company.

#2 A solid foundation of knowledge

Microsoft has launched 3 kinds of certifications, each comes with different aspects of how you use technology to resolve professional difficulty. The Azure Fundamentals certification (AZ-900) builds and validates your understanding of the technologies used by businesses.

To prepare this certification is recommended to use AZ-900 dumps.

Microsoft certifications are among the most popular certifications held by specialized professionals encyclopedically: they reinforce the core competencies that professionals currently need, and provide a way to deepen the technical skills required to fulfill operational roles. Azure training and certifications are kept up to date based on market and industry requirements.

#3 Find your “dream job”

In an ever-changing technology environment, adding a Microsoft certification to your resume sets you apart from your competitors and gives you the edge you need to get your next job. 19% of IT professionals say certification has helped them find a new job.

With a Microsoft certification, you demonstrate your technical skills and your ability to operate in a high-tech environment, major assets that are particularly valued by IT decision-makers.

#4 An increase in your remuneration

Do you want to increase your salary?

About 35% of specialized professionals say that carrying an instrument has led to an increase in their remuneration and 26% have attained a promotion2. It’s estimated that pukka IT professionals are promoted doubly as snappily as their non-certified counterparts.

#5 A new impetus for your career

Obtaining a Microsoft certification is an opportunity to give a new turning point to your career. Indeed, certification is concrete proof of your skills as well as your ability to adopt new technologies.

For example, earning a Microsoft certification can be an opportunity to position yourself in the growing cloud market: 

You have more engaging and exciting careers with Microsoft’s role-based certifications. 

#6 Cultivate excellence

Research shows that people who have obtained a certification believe that desire and learning are enough to apprehend new technological tools. 91% of them believe that they are able to acquire new, even complex, skills.  A mindset and self-confidence that translates into a strong capacity for resilience and increased value in a rapidly changing market.

You can find here a list of dumps of each exam to prepare all these certifications.

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