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A guide on choosing the right flooring option for your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most interesting rooms of the house. It is where you cook healthy and tasty food for your family and ensure the health and happiness of them all. As important as it is to bring fresh and healthy ingredients to your kitchen, it is one place that deserve some TLC. When working on the new looks of the kitchen, the one thing that matters the most is the flooring. Once, limited, the choice for kitchen flooring is now so affluent that you will get overwhelmed choosing the right one. Colors, styles and textures differ one flooring option from others and adds to your confusion. Before you get frustrated with all the possible option, we come for your rescue. This blog has the best kitchen flooring ideas for when you decide for a kitchen makeover.

The best Dallas flooring companies explain that the endless choice of kitchen flooring options is exciting, however, for one with limited knowledge, it can be the source of frustration. From engineered wood to LVT, EvoCore to vinyl and much more, you must first learn about the options available and then make an informed choice.

Let’s dig into the world of kitchen flooring and get you the right information you deserve.

What are your options?

You need to be very specific when choosing the right flooring option for kitchen, especially when there are some many options available. Kitchen floors receive heavy foot fall and is exposed to several things. The harsh conditions in the kitchen including hear and extra moisture from the cooking can also damage the flooring. Considering all these factors, some of the significant kitchen flooring options include:

Solid wood:

As aforesaid, kitchen has high temperature and humidity levels, hence, hard wood flooring is not a suitable option. It will be very hard to maintain. However, if you do not want to switch to any other option than hard wood, you must ensure that you wipe clean the flooring every time you use the kitchen and any spillage is immediately attended.

Engineered wood:

Engineered wood is made from a combination of several layers of timber and solid wood veneer. Because it is engineered, it has a system for floor expansion as well as high moisture tolerance level. This option is the most suitable one for the kitchen.

Laminate flooring :

This is an artificial option which almost resembles the original choices. The high-density fire board makes the core of the flooring and a top layer of coating finishes the look and design. It offers great versatility and durability at a cheap price tag.

Vinyl tiles:

Need an easy to clean and maintain option for your kitchen floor, try vinyl tiles. Hey are extremely durable and water resistant and a perfect option for bathroom and kitchen floors.

How much should you spend on kitchen flooring?

There is no limit for you to fix your kitchen flooring makeover budget. The different flooring options come at different prices. Other factors that influence the price of kitchen flooring include style, quality and material. As of now, Laminate flooring is the cheapest option available in the market closely followed by carpeting and vinyl tiles. Solid wood is an expensive option and engineered wood has the highest price tag. You must consider the size of your kitchen, labor cost for installation and other such aspect when deciding your budget.

Design ideas for kitchen flooring

Kitchen design is important because the better you feel in the kitchen, the better you cook and serve. The design idea would change depending upon the interior of the house. You need to consider the colors of the walls, patterns or wall paper design as well as the fittings and furnishing in the kitchen when deciding the right design pattern.

Because the flooring covers the largest part of the kitchen, it’s something that should complement each and every element of the room. You need to choose the right texture as well as the right color to make the kitchen look warm, cozy and welcoming. Some of the recommended kitchen flooring color ideas for kitchen include:

  • Light grey kitchen flooring
  • Dark grey kitchen flooring
  • Bright white kitchen flooring
  • Mustard kitchen flooring
  • Pebble black kitchen flooring
  • Silver kitchen flooring

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing kitchen flooring option

The functionality of the flooring is one of the core consideration. Different types of flooring offers different functions and it is important for you to know them.

Water resistance:

Because kitchen is exposed to moisture and accidental water and other spillage, it is important to consider water resistance when choosing the kitchen flooring. Not all types of flooring react well to moisture, some may expand and get deteriorated while other would rot from inside. You must choose the most water resistant option for the kitchen,


This is another crucial consideration. The kitchen experienced significant fluctuation in temperature because of the heat from cooking and other factors. The flooring must react to the temperature change in a positive manner if you want it to last long newsintv.

You need to be very vigilant when choosing kitchen flooring option. The right option can lift up the look of your kitchen ad make you feel content while cooking. However, the wrong investment can cause you serious losses as you will have to replace the flooring sooner than expected. Make the right choice and enjoy cooking for yourself and the family famousbiography.

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