Baby Shower Invitations and Cards and How to Make Them

It is well known that a good first impression will lead to good expectations of what you want to show. In this case, we refer to the baby shower, and what better than a good first impression than well-made baby shower invitations and cards for your guests, in this way you will get them to have an idea of ​​how good this celebration could be. Throughout the article, I will be showing you a series of ideas so you can make this invitation card for a baby shower, but not only that, you will also learn how to make these invitations , because what is the point of showing your ideas if you are not going to know how to make them. To give you a brief introduction, I will tell you what is the main thing you should have on hand so that your invitations are well made and surprise all your guests. whether they are invitations for the house or for larger rooms.

What you will need will be nothing more than simple craft tools such as scissors, assorted colored paper, glue, a printer, and any artistic material that can help you in the construction of your invitations in order to do a proper job. Without further ado, I leave you what would be one of the most complete materials on the internet so you can make this type of crafts, wherewith images and videos I will be teaching everything about these baby shower invitations with a winter theme or cards.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

It is important first to have a concise idea of ​​the theme of our celebration and in this way use it as an idea for our baby shower invitations. The truth is that a more general idea could also be used, or more generic, as you wish, the functionality and the purpose are the same, but it is always good to adapt all our decorations, souvenirs and crafts for baby showers to the same theme So that this celebration is much more elaborate and bearable.

If you make a generic invitation then use the basic colors that you use in the theme of your celebration, for example, if you have a safari theme and you want to make generic invitations, then use green color for your card, in this way you will not be leading to another theme and you will maintain the same theme. The structure and decoration of these generic invitations should be simple, but being simple does not mean that they look bad, you have to look for something simple and elegant so that they look good, neither too busy nor too empty an appropriate balance.

If you want to use much more elaborate invitations then have the specific idea of ​​your baby shower theme and apply it to your invitation, if you don’t know how to do it, I will leave you a few examples of baby shower invitation ideas below. Here I leave you up to 78 ideas for decorating your baby shower that can be applied to your invitations.

  1. Handmade Baby Shower Invitation

What better than making your invitation by hand, in this way you add a little more feeling and it is quiet (if not totally) sure that your guests feel everything that you imbued in your handmade invitation for your baby shower.

It is important to keep in mind that to make a good invitation by hand we must have all the necessary materials, below you can see several videos where I also show you the necessary materials for this activity.

  1. Baby Shower Invitation Card

There are different card designs, but what is the real difference between a card and an invitation. Well, the card is usually in a flat format, usually folded where the message and names of the guests are displayed on one side. For an invitation, it does not have to be exactly a card, an invitation can range from bottles to clothing, to personalized web pages, and the truth is that creativity is the limit.

  1. Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Card

A frequently mentioned character in many of the crafts or different decorations for different celebrations, the truth is that Mickey Mouse has become an icon of decoration. And well, although it is already quite used, it does not mean that it looks bad and repetitive, the truth is that it is a unique style in terms of Mickey Mouse cards for baby showers, you can get a large number of designs with this little mouse and creativity is unimaginable.

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