Ceilling Raw Material

Classify ceilings according to material characteristics.

1. The ceiling is made of gypsum material.

gypsum cotton sheet Made from compressed mineral gypsum powder covered with paper on the back. thus making the surface smooth and may be coated with some chemicals to provide better functional properties. The thickness of gypsum board that is commonly used in the market is 9 mm., 12 mm. and 15 mm., sheet size 1.20 m., length 2.40 m. and there are many types to choose from.

Gypsum cotton sheets can be classified according to their usage patterns as follows:

– Standard white gypsum board with paper covered on both sides. Used to make general walls and ceilings

– Moisture resistant gypsum board will be seen as green skin Suitable for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor ceilings.

– Fireproof gypsum board will be seen in pink Suitable for use in rooms with high heat. (withstands fire for 3 hours without falling off) suitable for making ceilings that require high fire protection rates, such as computer rooms fire escape elevator and the walls of various buildings บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

– Heat resistant gypsum board with aluminum foil which has the ability to reflect heat radiation up to 95%, attached to the back of the gypsum board It helps to reduce internal heat well. It is commonly installed in the ceiling area of ​​the attic room.

– Gypsum board for bending with a thickness of 6 mm, which can bend well in a narrow radius. without the need for water or tools

Outstanding features

  • Lightweight Gypsum board and frame are lightweight. Suitable for the area of ​​extension work that does not require the building to bear too much weight.
  • Gypsum board is hard but brittle. The cutter can be used for cutting and drilling.
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Smooth, seamless skin.
  • Easy to find materials and technicians.
  • Reduce noise and heat.

inferior feature

  • Gypsum has a chance to become brittle and easily broken. compared to other materials
  • Not very resistant to moisture.

2. Ceiling made of fiber cement material

Fiber cement board or popularly known as smart board ceiling. It is produced from Portland cement mixed with special cellulose fibers, silica sand and water, then processed by high temperature and high pressure steam to achieve higher durability.

Fiber cement board The sizes that are commonly used in the market are as follows:

Size 120×240 cm. Thickness 4,6,8,10,12,16,18,20 mm.

Size 60×120 cm, thickness 4 and 6 mm.

Size 60×240 cm. Thickness 4 mm.

Size 120×120 cm, thickness 4 mm.

Outstanding features

  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Reduce heat conduction to help keep the house cool. Because it has a lower thermal conductivity than a flat tile. Thus reducing the heat from the roof hall into the house as well. keeps the house cool and save electricity
  • Termites do not eat because they are made from cement. and other special ingredients
  • It has non-flammable properties. Help delay the escape time to some extent.
  • strength High impact resistance, not easy to break.
  • Sticky texture with high flexibility. Able to bend well to a certain extent
  • Water resistant, rain resistant, moisture resistant and sun resistant for ten years without decay.
  • Can be used both internally and externally

inferior feature

  • The joints between the sheets are clearly visible. Because it is a hard sheet, the jointing time and the plaster may not be as smooth as using gypsum board.
  • The texture is not good. The paint is not smooth even though it is not a seam.

3. The ceiling is made of real wood and artificial wood.

Real wood was a very popular ceiling material in the past. with natural beauty But at present, the price of wood is much higher compared to other materials, making the cost and maintenance of this type of ceiling expensive as well. We will not go into depth in the properties of real wood. Because many of you already know that real wood is beautiful. Can do both closed ceiling and slatted ceiling, but the price is increasing every day. There is also a limit in terms of protection against moisture. and rarely fire resistant

At present, people have turned to use artificial wood like Wood Plastic Composite is becoming more and more popular in making slatted ceilings. Which substitutes for real wood that will have interesting properties? Let’s see.

Wood Plastic Composite

Artificial wood plastic composite or WPC is a material that is a mixture of wood and plastic with both hollow cross-sections. and solid cross-section The features of that product are outstanding. And where it leans, it depends on the proportions of the wood. and plastic that is mixed together

In general, there are 2 main steps in the production of wood plastic composites:

– Mixing wood and plastic pellets together

– Plastic composite wood floor molding By using various methods such as extrusion, extrusion, injection molding (Injection) and the use of a plane or a heat press to form (Hot Press).

In addition, the production process can also be classified into different types of ingredients as follows.

– Synthetic wood containing Polyethylene (PE based) mixed with wood powder.

– synthetic wood containing Polypropylene (PP based ) mixed with wood powder

– Synthetic wood with Poly vinyl chrolide (PVC based) mixed with wood powder.

For the sizes of WPC slats for ceiling (hollow type) that are popular in the market, there are widths ranging from 2-12 cm And the length is from 1-3 meters, with the market price from 200-1,xxx / line, which depends mainly on the size, pattern and grade of WPC wood.

Outstanding features

  • No moth and insect infestation.
  • It is durable. and is lighter than fiber cement of the same thickness
  • Resistant to moisture. (depending on the mixture between wood and plastic, which one is more proportional than the other)
  • There is a color inside the body, reducing the process of painting.
  • Easy to install, can be trimmed like real wood.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Non-flammable and non-flammable.
  • It is tougher than fiber cement type artificial wood. which can do some types of load-bearing structures

inferior feature

  • When used for many years And in direct sunlight, the color will fade and may wilt.
  • Not quite like real wood in both color and texture.
  • Many plastic composites cannot be painted over. Therefore, when large and deep scratches occur, it is difficult to repair.

4. Frosted made of vinyl material.

Vinyl ceiling board is another type of ceiling material that is becoming more popular in the market. It is produced from UPVC or Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a type of acrylic. Vinyl ceiling is often installed in large areas such as gas stations, office buildings. ,mall and public buildings รับสร้างบ้าน including general housing

The price in the market ranges from 350-1,xxx baht, the price depends on the size. and the pattern of the vinyl sheet There are many patterns to choose from, such as wood grain or various color tones.

The sizes that are commonly used in the market are available in sizes: width 14-25 centimeters, thickness 1-8 millimeters, and standard lengths of 4, 5, 6 meters (can order up to 12 meters in length).

Outstanding features

  • Easy to install Because it is designed to install into the tongue.
  • The surface is smooth and consistent. and can be used on both sides
  • It is lightweight, easy to transport and allows installation in a short time.
  • Tough and durable
  • Waterproof, termite proof.
  • There are many patterns to choose from.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

inferior feature

  • When used for a long time There may be a change in color.
  • Limited in terms of flexibility than other sheet materials.
  • The price is quite high compared to other materials.

5. The ceiling is made of aluminum material.

aluminum ceiling will look like a sieve plate or a long line like a batten which is produced from the smelting of bauxite to obtain pure alumina and bring alumina to melt until it is pure aluminum ingot and then processed with a mold of size and different cross-sectional shapes to obtain aluminum profiles for each ceiling application.

In addition, the aluminum material It also has properties that do not cause rust, rain resistance (high grade aluminum will effectively prevent water), sun or heat resistant. It has a strong and durable structure, so it maintains its shape without warping. It can also be used in a variety of ceiling decoration applications. has a modern aesthetic

Aluminum ceilings are often seen in large buildings such as bus stations, office buildings. Shopping malls or other public buildings to hide the system and install lighting or other equipment according to the use of that building but with the expensive and suitable for installation in large areas, therefore not commonly used in homes

As for the size and price of aluminum ceiling in the market, there is quite a wide variety. The price rate depends on the size. grade of aluminum and the main usage Each brand will have a different price for each model.

Outstanding features

  • It is a durable, non-twisting material with a long service life of tens of years.
  • The surface is smooth and taut. give a modern aesthetic And there are many colors to choose from.
  • It is lightweight, easy to transport and makes it easy to install in a quick time.
  • No humidity problem. and not rust
  • Maintain and clean. and easy to repair
  • Good resistance to fire spread to a certain extent.

inferior feature

  • There is a limit on impact strength. When the aluminum body is damaged, it is difficult to repair it back to its original symmetry.
  • Aluminum bar or aluminum profile. is a brittle material In some cases use Therefore, it cannot resist the bending force due to bending in a narrow radius.

Aluminum ceiling is quite expensive. Therefore, it is commonly used in large buildings.

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