Custom decorative tapes and patterns

Once a customer orders, their anticipation, and excitement build as they wait for the courier. However, most of the time, items are shipped in brown boxes that are not appealing to the customer.

We’re revolutionizing the way things are packaged and helping companies make their customers happy with their products. With our decorative packing tapes, you can promote your brand and attract your customers. (Perfect for unboxing videos that are all the rage these days)

The best part is that we don’t charge extra for different colors and instead recommend great designs that use as many colors as possible.

Before we show you some examples made by our customers, let’s learn more about how we can make decorative tapes.

What is a decorative tape called?

Decorative custom washi tape have become synonymous with washi tapes but the latter is a special type of tape. The material used for individual tapes can also vary, depending on the application.

For example, washi tapes are decorated only because of the rice paper used to make the tape. Although they may combine goods and can be used to wrap gifts, it is not wise to use them for packing, especially for boxes intended to travel a long distance.

So what kind of decorative tape can be used on packages and boxes for shipping? We’ll get to that in a bit, but first, let’s look at washi tape.

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is a special tape made from rice paper. It is available in a variety of widths, shapes, and designs. They are mainly used to decorate boxes, organizers or newspapers, rooms, phones, and other devices.

They are called washi tapes because they literally translate to “Japanese tape.” Washi tapes originated from a company called Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd. Which collaborates with Japanese women who created colorful designs. Their reason? Because they are bored with the standard, plain masking tape that most of us are used to! (Actually, we can’t blame them.)

How long does washi tape last?

To know how long washi tapes last, it is important to know the materials used to make them. They are usually made of paper but recently, there are also washi tapes made of fabric and tissue.

Is washi tape as strong as masking tape? Or duct tape?

For people asking if washi tape is as strong as masking tape, the answer is no. However, if you use washi tape made from tissue, it will not be as durable as that made from other materials.

How do you make packing tape?

If you’ve been looking to make your own washi tape or packing tape, you’ve come to the right place! At Sticker Mule, we’ve created a video tutorial on creating a personalized sticker that even beginners can follow!

Step 1: Open your design software and make sure your measurements are correct

Before you start designing your sticker, make sure your design will fit on the surface where the packing tape will be printed.

For example, here at Sticker Mule, we print at 3 inches (width) and 12 inches (height). So if you want to print your packing tapes with us, make sure that the length of your design is 12 inches long or any type (two six inches, three-four inches, six two).

Step 2: Add your logo and other distinctive designs

Start designing using your favorite software. It’s okay to overlap images for a seamless look. Make sure the design looks balanced.

Step 3: Transfer the design to the Sticker Mule template

Click on the Sticker Mule packaging template. Follow the instructions on how to transfer your packing tape design.

Make sure all sides are lined up before submitting your design for printing!

Plus, if you have a logo, artwork, or design in mind that you want us to turn into packing tape, you can simply send it in and we’ll take care of it!

That’s not the best part. At Sticker Mule, we use BOPP tape which is stronger than the material used for washi tape so it is suitable for shipping. An added bonus is that all of our packing tapes is convenient and reusable!

Examples of custom decorative tapes

Over the past few months, we’ve seen thousands of amazing designs and thought it would be fun to share 7 unique designs. Below are 7 designs that can serve as inspiration for your tape.

  • Thanks to the Sticker Mule team, I am very happy with the custom washi tape. Shape, and colors – perfect. Also, it is very important to me that this tape is waterproof and very wide. Mostly, I use it to package items (amazing :D) with my own design (like charms, stickers, and pictures) to send in the mail.
  • This roll of packing tape is super cute. Not only do we decorate the top of our shipping boxes with it, but we also like to include it in product images, use it as a decoration in a booth set up or maybe even cut a square and throw it in a customer order.
  • I think we all mentally wait at the mailbox when we expect an order. When a customer looks into their mailbox I want them to be able to say they got an order from us right away! We designed this beautiful tape with graphic versions of each of our jewelry products to add excitement to our customers as they open their boxes. Packing tape is a small investment that makes a big impact (colorful, in our case)!

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