Essential Contract Management Functions to Automate with Contract Management Software

Contract management is an essential component of any company that needs committed time, resources, and a keen eye for the finer details. Modernized approaches to managing contracts that make use of the latest tools and techniques offered by technology and the internet, you can make contract management benefit your company in various ways. Streamlining contract lifecycles is feasible for all the departments involved and makes it much easier for them to be a part of contracting efforts and collaborate on various documents.

With all the technological advancements incorporated into today’s contact management software solutions and tools, it’s evident that using an online platform like  for managing your business’s entire contract management process is essential to enhancing contract management. Additionally, automated contract management is an option in the software to manage contracts. It has revolutionized the way that large corporations, as well as their management of contracts.

What Are the Various Functions of Contract Management?

The contract management functions are essential tasks that need to be carried out throughout the contract, from initial requests to renewals. Both the pre-award and post-award contract lifecycles contain crucial contracts management tasks that are essential to an extensive CLM process. If you don’t automatize the contract management, it is possible to experience problems with contracts workflows that could affect your business’s financial performance.

Manual Data Entry into Contract Documents

The process involves moving information from physical states into line-of-business (LOB) applications using various methods and tools. Manually entering data into contracts is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Manual data entry demands additional funds and, at the same time, is susceptible to error due to the human aspect of the process.

With contract management software, it takes just 30 seconds to create and distribute contracts. It is now possible to easily create legally valid, pre-approved contracts without the hassle of manually entering the data.

Contract Authorization

contract authoring requires formatting, language details for counterparties and milestones, essential dates, and other important elements. It is possible to automate contract authoring tasks with approved contract clauses and templates from a safe language library, complete version tracking, and authoring permissions based on rules in a central CLM software. Without the streamlined authoring of contracts, internal stakeholders could become disorganized, disappointed, and frustrated, especially when not designated employees can get involved in the contract writing process without their capabilities or permissions.

Contract Negotiations

Negotiation functions can be automated through contract management software, which provides complete control over versions documents collaboration, rules-based clause ownership, comprehensive contract oversight with tracked changes, and much more. Although contract negotiations may take a long time by automating their negotiation processes when possible lets you concentrate on the contract’s content strategy.

Contract Approval

Contract approvals require a confirmation from all necessary stakeholders before signing. The process of contacting stakeholders via telephone or through other manual processes could be inefficient. It is possible to use the contract eApproval feature inside a reputable CLM Software suite which offers extensive audit trails that allow you to collect the results, including approvals and rejections from counterparties – all from a central platform.

Signatures On Contracts

E-signatures enable online contract signing functions easy. CLM software lets you sign at the office or at the go using mobile devices and an internet connection, mainly using an industry-leading CLM mobile application that can help you collect signatures from all the necessary parties in a matter of minutes. Digital signatures secure a signature’s date and time to show that it’s in pristine condition afterward, thereby eliminating the requirement for an authorized notary.

Reviews and Approvals Following

Tracking contracts is compelling for procurement, legal, and contract management experts because of obstacles and human mistakes that can lead to extended time frames for contract cycles. Companies could lose out on limited pricing options or special conditions because of unsatisfactory business procedures, business rules, and compliance standards resulting from delays in contract approvals.

The intelligent tracking feature of CLM permits automated tracking of contracts with extensive metadata filters and proactive alerts, which reduces the amount of effort required to track by 90 percent. The contract management software allows you to create alerts and notifications for any event throughout the duration of the contract, allowing you to take advantage of every opportunity to maximize revenue.

Contract Renewals

Automated functions for contract renewal like calendar alerts, transparent audit trails to view the following renewal dates, and easily accessible tools for contract re-drafting will help you manage the renewal process with confidence, providing you with the insight and understanding you require to negotiate with your counterparties effectively. Without these automated renewal tools, you may be caught off guard by an unexpected renewal or do not anticipate the right processes for maximizing the renegotiations of your contracts.

Final Words

Contract management software ensures that your employees put in 90% less time managing milestones and contracts. The software is backed by strong and expandable metadata as well as proactive alerts based on rules. It is also possible to set alarms and alerts for certain events throughout the contract term, ensuring an extremely high rate of renewal and continuous milestone monitoring.

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