Everything You Need to Know About Maize Shelling Machine in Kenya

Maize shellers are used in separating cobs and grain. The foliage of the maize is removed manually before shelling. Some maize shellers are power operated while others are manually operated. Power operated ones use 80-100cm length cylinder of 30-36cm diameter. Below are the details of maize sheller machine in Kenya.

The shelling machines are used for every kind of local maize varieties, even composites and hybrid. Prices of maize shelling machines differ and their quality is mostly determined by their prices. This article will discuss various features of maize sheller machine in Kenya and they are:

Operation of the Machine Shelling Machine

The speed of the cylinder of this machine is sustained in between rpm 500 – 600. The maize cobs are moved toward sheller end from a particular feeding point and while this process is going on, grains are pushed against the drum and pass via the machine. A certain blower is enhanced carries away lighter materials.

Cylinder speed and concave clearance can differ and increase according to the given recommendation.

Types of Maize the Shelling Machine

There are two kinds of maize shelling machines; cylinder type and spring type (Viz.). The spring one has a certain fluted rotating cylinder, pressure spring plate, and highly rotating disc. The maize cobs are put into fluted rotating cylinder and maize kernels are distinguished from maize cob while they are moving in between disc and cylinder.

The shelling machines are found in different sizes like double-hole and single-hole shellers, domestic shelling machines. Domestic shellers are operated manually and affordable to small-scale farmers for maize shelling in small quantities.

Portability of the Machine

In the current world, various advanced machines should also be portable for convenience and ease of use. Therefore, portability should be prioritized when determining the price of a certain maize shelling machine Kenya. This does not imply that the machine has to be made using lightweight materials only. For heavier machine shellers, check if they have movable wheels.

Efficiency of Maize Shelling Machine

Efficiency is also another important feature to acknowledge when buying any maize shelling machine of your choice. Efficiency is determined by the performance of the machine and the materials used in manufacturing it. High-quality materials imply higher efficiency while low-quality materials imply lower efficiency.

To increase the post-harvest yields of farmers, the maize shelling machine need to be highly efficient as well. Farmers who continually realize low yields should prioritize this factor. In case of any detected failure of the maize shelling machine, consult a professional technician early enough to reduce the cost of repairs while maximizing your maize yields.


This is the right guide for any farmer looking for the best details and features of maize shelling machine. Farmers having the problem of shelling their maize through technology will find the information above helpful, most so those ones seeking a certain kind of maize sheller with advanced features sold at an affordable price.

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