Features to Consider When Purchasing a Lawn Mower in Kenya

A lawnmower is a machine used for trimming, chopping, and mowing grass on lawns, fields, and gardens. The equipment makes sure that grass grows evenly and is well-groomed at an appropriate height. This article will describe the features of this mowing machine for users to be familiar with it.

Lawn mowers in Kenya are of different types. There’s the cylinder, rotary, and Hover lawnmowers. There are electric lawnmowers, cordless lawnmowers that are battery-powered, petrol lawnmowers, and mowers that can be pushed. The size of the lawn should be a factor when determining the type of lawnmower to purchase.


Self-propelled lawnmowers include somepetrol and electric lawnmowers. A machine that’s self-propelled means that the user only needs to steer it. Lawnmowers with wide frames and large wheels are much helpful because they can be pushed around easily. There are those with set speeds where the users can set the comfortable speed without pushing it.


The weight of a lawnmower will determine the amount of effort needed to push it around. Petrol lawnmowers are known to be heavy because of the metal engines. Mowers designed for mowing big lawns tend to be heavy because of their large frames and wide cutting blades. Light lawn mowers are like cordless and electric mowers.

Carry Handles

Lawnmowers used in small gardens can be carried by a single person but those that mow in larger places can be heavy and may lack places to hold on to. Buyers should check for a handle before purchasing because it can be very uncomfortable when carrying around. The price of a lawn mower in Kenya is determined by the type of task and also weight.

Start Features

Some machines like the petrol lawnmower can require much effort in pulling the cord for it to start. The petrol mower has a hook as the pull-cord handle that can be pulled when standing at the handle instead of bending to pull the cord straight from the engine. Some petrol mowers don’t have cords, instead, they have a push-button like the electric mower. More information visit this site: mynewsport

Mulching Mowers

A mulching mower is an excellent choice because it has a setting that finely cuts and redistributes the grass on the lawn instead of being collected. This minimizes the need to empty the grass collector which helps to avoid the gradual weight increase as the collector fills. Although, healthy grass can decompose when too many grass clippings are on the lawn. Visit this site for more information: rtsnet.

Real Rollers

A lawnmower with rear rollers is helpful for football pitches that need a striped lawn. When the mower and roller are heavy, then the stripes will last even longer. The rear roller allows the user to mow the lawn right up to the edges. Mowers with cylinder blades also cut up to the edges. This is because they have inset wheels that are great for trimming. Click here and show more information: newstheater.


Lawnmowers have helped in making work easier in terms of cutting grass. People who use slashers to cut grass in the field should consider this much easier machine. Learning the above features will provide a better experience with the machine. For more information visit this site: coschedules

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