Geoff Johns & Gary Frank’s Junkyard Joe to Benefit Veterans

Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are teaming up with legendary comic artists to help support veterans with the debut of Junkyard Joe. The comic book, which stars a fictional robot soldier with history in the Vietnam War, is set to debut this October. Five unique variant black and white covers will donate proceeds to military veteran charities providing resources and support to help veterans struggling with homelessness, mental health, and other issues.

A Personal Passion

It is in honor of Johns’ grandfather and Frank’s grandparents, who served in WWII, to donate all proceeds from the special Black-And-White Edition Junkyard Joe comics to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans in the US and Veterans Aid in the UK. For every issue purchased, Mad Ghost Productions, Johns’ own company, will make a separate donation. These unique edition covers will help veterans struggling with homelessness and provide them with the necessary assistance.

A leading organization dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans in the United States, NCHV works to ensure all veterans have access to housing, healthcare, and benefits. Veterans Aid is a UK-based charity providing financial and practical support to veterans in need. As a result of their efforts, veterans are prevented from becoming homeless or suffering from hardship and receive vital assistance.

Both organizations are enthusiastic about being recipients in this extraordinary endeavor to recognize the often invisible plight of veterans returning to their home countries. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, over 1.7 million vets can need critical mental health care in a single year. Veterans face homelessness, substance abuse, and even suicide when left unaddressed. The outreach programs like NCHV and Veterans Aid are often the only lifeline many vets have to reach out to.

In addition to the funds donated from sales of the variant comic covers, Johns’ production company Mad Ghost also pledges to make additional donations for every copy sold.

About Junkyard Joe

As a sequel to Geiger’s beloved story of unlikely heroes fighting in The Unknown War, Junkyard Joe expands that story. The story follows the robot soldier’s quest to find the man who is supposed to have created him, following his debut in Geiger as a cartoonist, Muddy Davis, and his creation, Junkyard Joe. Fans got a taste for this sort of time-bending strangeness in Geiger’s 6-issue run, and it is just one of the many stories that will populate Geoff Johns’ Unnamed Universe.

Release Date

Junkyard Joe #1 and its striking black and white variants will be on sale on October 8th, 2022, from publisher Image Comics at major comic book stores

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