Handmade Glass Pipes from the USA, Spoons, Bongs, And Dab Rigs

Handmade Glass Pipes from the USA, Spoons, Bongs, And Dab Rigs

In the previous years, there has been an increase in products that improve how our bodies consume cannabinoids to offer a better experience.

While innovations in the science of cannabis have produced ideal smoking experiences, it also has produced ideal bongs and pipes.

If you’re planning to smoke out of a bong or pipe, handmade glass pipes are your best bet. They offer the best filtration and percolation in ways that other materials simply cannot beat.

What’s a Glass Pipe?

Manufacturers utilize various materials to create pipes that people use for smoking. These materials include specific kinds of wood, corn cob, metal, and glass.

However, if you’re an experienced smoker, you probably know that the best material for a pipe is glass.

Glass pipes come in various shapes and types. Every type is ideal for use with particular quantities and types of products.

All types of handmade glass pipes are available online available in the market have their own benefit and distinctive advantage.

Types of Glass Pipes

If you’ve been smoking for a while now, you have probably seen unique handmade glass bongs and other types of glass pipes. However, do you know their specifics?

You should always keep in mind that aside from the huge variety of styles, glass pipes come in a lot of sizes and shapes.

Here are a couple of the most popular types of glass pipes you’ll find in the market and what you should know from every type.

Steamrollers and Chillums

Chillums are effective and simple. They’re available in a wide variety of various styles and colors. This includes glass that changes color.

This glass pipe is a type of glass pipe that has a small cylinder shape. At one end of the pipe is the mouthpiece and the other end is the bowl.

The ideal chillum has thick glass material that provide some weight whenever you hold them.

On the other hand, steamrollers are bigger versions of chillums. Since they’re larger, they also provide a bigger and better experience.

Gandalfs and Sherlocks

As the name implies, Sherlock pipes are a type of glass pipe that is inspired by the famous character Sherlock Holmes.

Similar to the pieces that Sherlock notoriously utilizes, this type of pipe features a traditional silhouette with a large and full bowl set on a distinctively curved stem.

Whenever you smoke using a Sherlock pipe, smoke will travel upward through the stem.

The Gandalf pipe is one variation of the Sherlock pipe. As the name implies, this pipe is inspired by the popular character Gandalf from the “Lord of the Rings.”

This type of glass pipe has an extremely long stem.

Hammer Pipes

As the name suggests, hammer glass pipes have a hammer shape. They’re ergonomic and ideal for holding. They’re specifically made to fit in the palm of your hand.

Hammer pipes are appealing. They’re also moderately portable. Furthermore, they’re excellent at catching the ask when you smoke.


This type of glass pipe is one of the most popular types of handmade glass pipes. Bubblers are simply a combination of a mini bong and a spoon pipe.

They work almost the same as a spoon. However, bubblers have a tiny chamber for water that offers you all of the advantages of bongs.

This means that the smoke that you receive is cool and clean.

Bubblers offer all the benefits of bongs in a more portable and smaller package.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are one of the handiest, most versatile, and most common options in the world of glass pipes. As the name suggests, this type of glass pipe looks like a spoon.

A lot of people prefer spoon pipes because they’re extremely portable. They’re also very simple. At the end of the pipe is a bowl that is shaped like a spoon.

The bowl contains a hole that enables the smoke to travel to the mouthpiece. Another hole can also be found in the bowl. This is known as the carb.

The purpose of the carb is to control the airflow within the pipe.

Reasons to Use Handmade Glass Pipes


One major benefit of glass pipes is the huge variety of sizes, designs, styles, and shapes of glass pipes. This includes smoking accessories.

Glass pipes are available in custom-made, glow-in-the-dark, and handcrafted styles to fit any preferences as well.


When you compare it to other forms of smoking pipes, glass pipes are the more robust type. Usually, glass pipes are made from one piece of glass, so they can last for a long period and can endure a lot of force.

Glass pipes go through a molding and heating process to achieve their unique forms. Glass pipes become durable and strong due to the molding and heating process.

Aside from that, high-quality handmade glass pipes are made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass is known for its heat-resistant quality and durability.

Even if you expose it to high-temperature changes, the glass won’t crack.


If you’re going to purchase water pipes, such as bubblers, the smoke will be filtered by the water before it gets to you.

This gets rid of a huge number of carcinogens as well as any other particles that might be present when you inhale the smoke.

Though people are still debating about the percentage of harmful particles the water filters, one thing is for sure – any type of filtration is always better than no filtration at all.

Tobacco and weed smokers don’t have to worry about the risks of a harsh hit as well. The reason for this is that the water will cool the smoke in the pipe.


There are a lot of reasons why you should always utilize glass pipes when you smoke weed or tobacco. However, it all depends on your preferences.

Compared to other materials, glass is easy to clean. So, if you’re looking for a pipe that requires little-to-no maintenance, glass pipes are your best bet.

There are several types of glass pipes out there. Make sure you know the difference between each of them to know which one is ideal for you.

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