How Difficult Is it to Get an O-Visa? 

The O1 visa for the United States is a non-immigrant visa granted to foreign nationals with exceptional abilities or achievements in their field. It is also referred to as an artist’s visa or an extraordinary ability visa because it is intended for people working in science, education, or the arts. To know more about an O-Visa, talk to an Immigration Attorney today. 

Who Can Apply for an O1 Visa? 

You can apply for an O1 visa if you are accomplished in your field of work and have exceptional abilities or achievements. Depending on your field of expertise, there are two types of O1 visas: O1A and O1B: 

  • If you have exceptional abilities in the arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics, you can apply for an O1A visa. 
  • If you have outstanding achievements or exceptional ability in the arts in the film or television industries, you can apply for an O1B visa. 

What are the qualifying criteria for an O-Visa? 

To qualify for an O1 visa, you must fulfill the following requirements depending on your field of expertise: 

  • In education, science, athletics, or business, you must have expertise that sets you apart from the competition. In other words, you must be among the “world’s best” percentages. 
  • For figures in the arts: You must be distinguished and have higher celebritylifecycle achievements than the majority. You should be a well-known, renowned, or leading figure in your field. 
  • For figures in the film or television industries, a distinction is required, such as being recognized as someone with greater skill than others and a leading, notable figure in the field. 

Furthermore, you must temporarily travel to the United States to work in your field of expertise. 

How can you apply for an O-Visa? 

You and your employer must complete the following steps when applying for an O1 visa:

  1. Your employer petitions the USCIS on your behalf. 
  2. You submit Form DS-160. 
  3. You pay the O1 visa charges. 
  4. You make an appointment with the nearest US embassy for a visa interview. 
  5. You gather the necessary documents. 
  6. Attend the interview and submit the documents at the US Embassy or Consulate. 

Can you get a Green Card with an O1 Visa? 

Because the O1 visa is non-immigrant, it does not directly lead to a Green Card. However, you can apply for an EB-1 visa, a Green Card for people with exceptional abilities in their field. 

If you have more questions about an O1 visa, you should contact an experienced immigration attorney directly and get professional legal help. 

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