How do transformer and transformer-rectifier welding machines work?

This transformer welding machine ลวดเชื่อม is the cheapest. The lightest and best compared to other types of machines that use alternating current for welding. The welding machine receives power directly from the main line. The output current can be adjusted by various methods. An easy way to adjust the welding current is by tapping the output coil (Secondary Coil) of the transformer. This method It is a very popular method for small power-limited input devices. cable or connecting cable And ground wire to the machine by plugging the connector into the holes (Sockets) made at the welding machine. to select the welding ลวดเชื่อมเงิน as needed Some machines may choose to adjust the power by using a Tap Switch instead of using a hole plug. However, this modulation cannot give a certain current value. Buy RDP From reliable sites.

Transformer welding machines used in general industrial applications There is usually a Continuous Output Contro1 rectifier which can be either core moving or moving windings in the transformer. This type of current adjustment is known as a mechanical movement adjustment, which is necessary to consider the distance to be moved and adjusted to the maximum. Another better way to adjust the welding current is the method of adjusting by means of electrical devices (Electrical Means). of the current to flow towards the exit terminal By just adjusting the knob (Knob) small, it can control the current from minimum to maximum value

Although transformer welding machines provide many desirable features, But there are quite a few limitations as well. This transformer welder requires power in a Single Phase System. Unbalance within the line can occur. In addition, the machine has a low power factor, it is necessary to adjust the power factor by connecting a condenser (capacitor) into the circuit.

Transformer welding machines are low cost machines. Low cost for users, low space requirements, quiet walking, good arc blow reduction, but not as wide as a generator or rotary type with two controllers.

Transformer-Rectifier Welding Machines

from the foregoing above The welding machine is a transformer alternating current (AC) machine. Will give good quality to the weld only when welding with direct current (DC), so the method of producing direct current In addition to using a rotating machine or Generator, there is another method, which is the use of a rectifier, which is an electrical device. For acting as an alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) welding rectifier. May be used with either a three-phase system (Three Phase) or a single-phase system (Single Phase). on the issue of unbalance to the flow of current in the line as already mentioned

In case both AC and DC power is required for welding, it can be done by using a switch connected to the rectifier so that the welding current is DC, so the welder can choose either DC or AC. Choose positive or negative polarity (Reverse of Straight Polarity) as needed. In some AC – DC welding machines are also included. High Frequency Oscillator, water and gas flow control valve This is to be suitable for use in Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG).

Transformer welding machines – rectifiers are available in many sizes, available in both three phase and single phase systems (Three Phase and single Phase). And the electrical efficiency is better than the Generator. In addition, there is no noise during use.

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