How much do accident attorneys charge in Los Angeles? Find here!

Auto accidents are not rare on the roads of California. If you sustained injuries in a car crash in Los Angeles, your focus should be on your recovery. Call 911 from the accident scene to get medical assistance and keep up with the treatment plan as suggested by doctors. Once you feel okay, consider talking to one of the reliable car accident attorneys Los Angeles. Victims often make the mistake of not seeking legal advice and counsel, partly because they are worried about the financial aspects. How much does it really cost to hire a lawyer for your accident claim? Here is an overview. 

No upfront fee

Yes, you read that right. Most personal injury law firms in California charge a contingency fee for car accident claims and lawsuits. This is vastly different from criminal or family lawyers, who charge for each hour of work. For your accident case, you will pay an attorney only when you win. Until then, your lawyer cannot demand a fee. In such an arrangement, you agree to pay a percentage of the settlement to the lawyer. The fee may vary on factors like – 

The lawyer’s experience and work profile

Complications of the claim

Circumstances surrounding the accident

If you were at fault, or the accident investigation requires considerable work, your attorney will need to work more, and therefore, you have to pay a higher fee. The contingency fee generally ranges from 25% to 40% of the final settlement. 

Free evaluation

The first meeting with an attorney doesn’t have to cost a penny. Based on evidence and documents, a lawyer can share a free assessment of the case and the possible outcomes. Regardless of experience and other factors, no lawyer can guarantee an outcome as many aspects of accident lawsuits are beyond their control. 

Get an attorney sooner

You have limited time to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party after a car accident. If you believe that you have a claim, hire an attorney at the earliest and seek their advice on dealing with the circumstances better. They can also share more on your rights and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Most accident claims in LA are settled outside of court, but if a trial seems necessary, your lawyer can take the battle ahead. It would help if you gave that time and scope to your attorney to fight your case. 

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