You are in front of a very complete guide to buy an exercise bike. 

If you are looking for a new stationary bike or you want to renew the old stationary bike you have at home, here you will find all the necessary steps to buy the stationary bike that suits your needs. If you want to skip this step by step and go directly to the comparison of the best exercise bikes, I suggest you visit our review. Our purpose is that at the end of this guide you have no doubts when it comes to knowing what are the ideal characteristics of the exercise bike to buy. In addition, thanks to this guide you will save hours and hours of making comparisons and reading comments from buyers. So that you can decide quickly and start seeing the great results of exercising on a stationary bike.  

What stationary bike to buy?

Choosing a best exercise bikes that suits your particular training needs can be a real ordeal. More than anything, you have to learn a  series of theoretical concepts and analyze different technically complex features. For this reason, we made a comparison of the best exercise bikes: the 5 best that we found on the market. With the appropriate characteristics for regular exercise, very complete features, good opinions and at the best price.  I remind you that if you want to analyze them in more detail, you just have to visit our detailed analysis. 


There are different types of exercise bikes available to buy on the market, each one adapted to different needs and different ways of understanding the pedaling exercise. To summarize a little what we find on the market, there are 5 types of exercise bikes: upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, mini exercise bikes, and spinning bikes. 

Upright exercise bikes

These types of bicycles are considered the most normal on the market. In other words, it would be the typical image of a stationary bicycle that comes to mind when we talk about this fitness device.

The operation of these bicycles is one of the most adapted and similar to the operation of road or mountain bicycles. In its structure, we find the same elements as in a non-static bicycle. It has a design practically the same as a traditional bike, only instead of ending in wheels, it ends in two supports. For this reason, we find a V-shaped seat, quite similar pedals, and a handlebar adapted to the position. 

This type of bicycle is designed for those who want to buy a stationary bike but feel like pedaling on the road or in the mountains. These are people who already enjoy riding a regular bike but want to complement their exercise with a workout at home. Looking for a sensation very similar to pedaling on a conventional bicycle.  In terms of its effectiveness, when training on this type of exercise bike you will obtain the same benefits as pedaling on a conventional bike. Why? Because you are performing the same cardiovascular exercise as with a normal bike.  In addition, many of these bicycles already have a  folding exercise bike model. So you can store them anywhere in the house and take up as little space as possible. It is the most purchased model of exercise bike. 

Recumbent exercise bikes

It is a type of stationary bicycle and best magnetic spin bikes modifies its design to facilitate a more comfortable and natural exercise. In this section, we find bikes that add large backrests and seats to their frames. In addition, as its name says, the seat is reclined, to adjust the correct posture of the person with respect to the bike’s pedals, which are located in a very advanced part of the structure. 

Therefore, two major differences in this bicycle are the position of the pedals, which are advanced compared to an upright bicycle, and the seat, which is tilted backward to provide greater comfort and rest for the back. Thanks to these characteristics we avoid pain in the lumbar or dorsal area.  Who will buy these stationary bikes? It is designed for people who have back problems or pain and for those users who prefer to perform other tasks while pedaling. If you have back problems, another option would be to buy a stationary bike with a backrest, of which there are also many models. We summarize them in this article.  With recumbent bikes you don’t have to use your hands to maintain a correct posture, therefore they are free. Thus, with the upper part of the body, you can read or be preparing for any task you have from work or school. 

Mini stationary bikes

When evaluating which exercise bike to buy, we often overlook bikes with a simpler build. Normally we think that this type of stationary bike does not allow us to do adequate exercise. But it may be that for your needs, this is the ideal stationary bike. That is why we are going to explain its characteristics.

Mini stationary bikes are ideal for those who have to exercise at very specific times in their lives. They are highly recommended bicycles for pregnant women, the elderly, or people who have circulation problems. We tell you everything in this article.  So, if you’re in these groups of people, or just looking to work your legs while you work out, mini exercise bikes are perfect for you. In addition, they fit anywhere and can be transported without problems!

These bicycles have a very simple structure, where parts of a conventional stationary bicycle have been omitted: they do not have handlebars, support legs, or a seat. Therefore, in this very simple machine, we only find the flywheel and the pedals. Some models also have a simple LCD display and resistance control. Another advantage of buying these exercise bikes is that they can be used to exercise your arms.

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