Identify Reasons for Emotional Eating

“Emotional eating ” is a catch – all term that includes so many things, you ’ ve fi rst got to sort out what kind of emotional eater you are before you can fi nd the tools to address the particulars. Here are fi ve of the most common triggers for emotional eating. There are many variations on these themes, so see if this helps you identify your own emotional issues c03.

When you can identify the problem behavior, you can make a plan to change it that works for you. Love of Food You’re a person who loves to shop for food, cook food, and serve food. You derive great pleasure from the taste of food. Often referred to as the “happy eater,” you’re someone who needs to better manage your portions when consuming the finished product.

If you are a food lover, here are constructive ways to make this emotional trigger work to your benefit:

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  • Shop for seasonal, locally grown produce to optimize natural flavors.
  • Experiment with herbs and spices to intensify flavors, helping to keep you satisfied with smaller portions.
  • Downsize your plates and bowls, and get the satisfaction of “eating the whole thing, ” but in smaller amounts.
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