Impress Everyone with Your Cute Pout with These Lip Palettes

If you are a girl then you will agree with the fact that palettes have ruled the beauty industry. We personally like their color options, beautiful packaging and value. From eyes to cheeks, lips, and more, palettes come in diverse range of options. The reason behind this is that they used mostly in makeup and women can’t live without makeup. If you are blessed with gorgeous lips, then you can make a statement pout with the help of stunning lip palettes. It is really fascinating that you can get any color in a single product. Create different pout styles and take selfies for your social life. The recent collection of lip palettes is attracting everyone due to their unique colors and attractive price points. As a beauty editor, we suggest girls to get at least one of our picks to complete their makeup collection. By using Faces promo code, customers in Egypt can take price cut on each category of beauty essentials. What more could you want? Hurry up and visit so that you will never miss any discount deal and offer. Read on to see our handpicked lip palettes.

Dior Backstage Lip Palette:

Get luscious, cute, and trendy lip makeup with the help of this versatile lip palette. You can wear these colors solo, layered, or contoured. It will be a secret weapon for you girls and you can easily impress anyone with your flawless makeup looks at any event or gathering. It is approved by many celebrities and makeup artists. It works effectively with all skin tones and we like this specialty. This lip palette contains nine colors.

L’Oreal Paris Lap Palette Lip:

This lip palette is a collection if eight gorgeous colors. The reason we liked it is its attractive price tag. It is ideal for achieving some flattering, bold, or sheer look. If you have this lip palette, then you are ready for attending any event. We recommend you to grab it now to get some pop of color. It comes with a contouring stick. Unearth Faces promo code from and shop everything without denting your paycheck.

Em Michelle Lip Color Palette:

It offers endless finishes and great for every type of look. It contains nude shades with a small contouring stick. You can also get its other colors without any problem. Yes, it feels bit expensive to some customers but it deserves this price tag due to its high quality and longer-wearing ability. As a girl, you will feel irresistible and want to use it now.

Estee Lauder Nudes Lip Palette:

Going to a wedding party? This lip palette will help you in makeup and achieving festive look. It is such a practical formula that you can use on your cheeks, eyes, and neck. Who doesn’t want that? If you are a citizen of Egypt then you can buy all the makeup product at reasonable salary with the insertion of Faces promo code after collecting from

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