Incredible Facts about VPN that You Probably may not Know Before

Nowadays, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are getting more popular as they are the most reliable and trusted means to protect your online security and personal data. However, regardless of the truth that the use of VPNs is on the growth, there are still plenty of exciting things that most people don’t know about Free VPN services.

Here is the list of a few most exquisite facts about VPNs:

#1. Blocked Content can be Accessed

The fascinating fact about VPN is that it allows access to the Content blocked by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). More commonly, access is prohibited by exposing the location of the users. But VPNs are there to hide your site and deceive these ISPs, mainly of the people living in an area where censorship policies and laws are stringent.

#2. VPN Providers do not Expose Your Data and Keep it to Themselves

Many of the users think that the VPN providing companies expose their data to third parties. But it’s not the fact. VPN’s keep your data secure and neatly. Only the legislation can compel them to provide the data logs, marketable norms never.

#3. Countries in America and Europe Use VPNs less than in Asia

Asian countries have more population and hence more users as compared to countries in Europe and America. 43% of users in India, 55% of users in Indonesia, and 38% of users in Thailand all utilized VPN assistance in the last month. Meanwhile, far fewer people live in Europe than in India; only 21% of users used a VPN in the previous month.

#4. Internet Become Faster by Using VPNs

By throttling web traffic of people, ISPs can cause the net to show down. It is particularly very common for activities having high bandwidth, like watching HD video streaming. If you use strongly encrypted high-quality VPNs, you deter your traffic from being influenced by ISPs.

#5. VPNs can Take care of Your Money on Subscriptions

As it is known that, subscriptions to internet websites and streaming services regulate their rates according to your location. VPN changes these IP address and it then ultimately lead to reducing the cost of an online subscription.

#6. Vulnerabilities of Hacking

The one bad thing you may encounter while using a VPN is hacking.  A VPN alters your IP address; it encrypts your data with encryption, protects your information, and keeps it hidden for third parties. But don’t worry, hacking by hackers is not that straightforward. You are more shielded with a VPN than without it.

#7. 30/196 Countries have Band VPNs

VPNs in some countries like North Korea, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam, Russia, and Myanmar are banned due to strict laws. The purpose behind it is that it makes the country’s higher authorities keep a check and balance of online practices. They do so due to requiring social values, maintaining national security, and supporting political peace.

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Choosing a VPN is an intelligent choice, and now you’re aware of remarkable facts about VPN too. You should always try the free VPN services of the providers than the paid VPN.  If you are interested in taking advantage of one free VPN, you can contact DewVPN and can enjoy 100% free unlimited and secure VPN. Contact here today!

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